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Any possibility to have new region after Johto?

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On 11/18/2022 at 6:28 AM, MrHusky said:

As far as we know, Johto will be the last region that is running on GBA/NDS, so in the future, any chance to still have new regions like XY if it is technically possible?

I hope not. Games after BW2 are just so bad compared to the previous ones (I know, I'm nostalgic)

They could add megaevolutions, fairy type (maybe with another name), Sylveon, and maybe those objects to change nature and IVs which were added in Sun/Moon and Sword/Shield

But for the rest I hope the game will keep this way

They could add filters and shaders to improve graphics like in Desmume and/or mGBA, or new 3D models for the character you control similar to those that we have in Briliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, but that's the only improvement that I would do in their place

Of course this is just my opinion

I've been playing Alpha Sapphire, Brilliant Diamond, and Moon after BW2, and they're not bad

But in my opinion they're not even close to gen 5 and earlier

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maybe bw2 even tho its also unova but a different game from bw1.


hard to add gen6-7 games as of now.huge difference from gen5 to gen6.I was able to play gen7 on emulator but gen6 did not work for me 1-2 years ago and might still not work for alot of people.Not only that but there is also huge work to be done to have all games be modified to be able to work on pokemmo as you change from 1 game to another.

Kinda like firered and emerald were much similiar as gen3 games tho they still had to make changes to have them both work in pokemmo as you change games while playing.Was much harder and longer to get gen5 to work with those gen3 ones.


But ya its pretty strange to ask such things when johto is not even added yet.

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49 minutes ago, razimove said:

you mean the long awaited dungeons promised since 2014 that was supposed to bring us the HA in a non lazy way, and legendaries? Ah yes that forgotten promise :^) 

Never forgotten never forgiven ❤️

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I wouldn't mind more multi-player/Pokemon Mystery Dungeon content. 


They've been promising dungeons to catch non Uber legendaries and rare items. I wouldn't mind if they extract the level generation/extra pkmn sprites from the DS Mystery Dungeon games. Imagine going on a 90 floor adventure to try and find a Latias.


Wild pkmn and randomly generated trainers could be level capped or adapted to your own level along the way. It would get harder and harder as you go along with later levels being dark or filled with fog. Items like repels, revives, and potions would be essential with people stacking on over 50 each before their journey and getting to the end to face an alpha-like miniboss battle to catch it. I remember those long dungeons taking hours to get to the end. 


This is also where you can add more multi-player compatibility. Using the link you could go together on groups of 2 or 4. You could split up to find the stairs to the next level faster but with the added risk of any individual team member being spotted by a trainer and dragging one of their team members into a double battle. 

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On 11/18/2022 at 6:28 AM, MrHusky said:

As far as we know, Johto will be the last region that is running on GBA/NDS, so in the future, any chance to still have new regions like XY if it is technically possible?

Technically possible? Everything is. Realistically? Probably not for the next decade.

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using the graphics of the sixth region would be very difficult as well as ugly to see (because we have 2 regions in pixel classic and 2 in pixel 3d).

What could be done is to recreate the region with an adequate toolset (as they do for hack roms) but on this point the pokemmo staff had already expressed themselves negatively, unfortunately.

Surely, in two or three years, there will always be a bunch of updates that will bring new stuff. What makes me think, and which would be less difficult, is the introduction of the pokemon of Kalos(?).


But these are all conjectures and assumptions.

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