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[PSL XV] Managers Registration

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PSL General Thread


Welcome to the 15th edition PSL Manager Registration thread. As a key figure of PSL, managers will have the following responsibilities:

  • The manager shall pick a name for his/her team.
  • The manager shall be present during the Auction (probably the late December-early January), or appoint someone to take his/her stead.
  • The manager shall send the host weekly rosters.
  • The manager shall ensure to his/her best capabilities that every match will be completed in time.
  • The manager shall inform the host as to why a match failed to be completed in the event that one fails.
  • The managers shall inform the host of any substitutes that should be made.
  • The manager shall ensure their team abides by the rules. 


Managers can also play this season. As long as they purchase the right to do so at auction for 13 credits.


If you wish to be considered as a manager please post in this thread using the following format:   




Competitive Accolades: 



How do we decide?

  • Your motivation
  • How you are able to motivate others
  • Activity
  • Competitive knowledge
  • Personality


That's quite a rough idea but if we believe you will do the best you can for your team and make this a fun season then you would be in for a chance.


Who decides?

Draekyn and I will have the final say. It is likely we will also use previous hosts for their opinions. Don't think you need to be a extremely well known player to be picked, we will do our research on each application.



Deadline: 11th December


If you don’t take your sign up seriously, neither will we.

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IGN:  Spaintakula

Motivation: Everytime psl comes around I feel like its christmas. For the game I mean, cause they get blessed to have me play it again. Jokes aside, I've always loved psl and I think it's without a doubt the best thing to ever happen to pokemmo, and being a part of that is fun.

And the biggest motivation is bringing a manager championship home to the wife and kids, my wife thinks I am less of a man for only winning psl as a player.

And if it seems like a joke application, its not.

Competitive Accolades: PSL winner once, robbed twice.

Fluff: I was comanager with daryl, that should tell you enough.

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IGN: Kanzo


Motivation: It's my time again.


I dont need no motivation when it comes to PSL. There ain't no questions left, that aint been answered about me. I don't need to explain why i deserve a spot. There always has been a spot for people like me, because me and the squad i bring are always there in the finals making every idiot feel scared in their stomach facing us. There is nothing left to say but; It's my time again!

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8 minutes ago, xJoseee said:

IGN: xJoseee

Motivation: I've been around the community for a while (~2 years). Even if I didn't play big events asides a PSL Teams and some other unofficials, I like to take the lead in case of choosing and cheering for my players. Even if my PvP skills are not the best around here, I like to be able to manage my players and I try the best in order to either choose wisely and form a solid team to achieve ambitious goals, so let's give it a shot.

Competitive Accolades: not much, managed a team in the (in)famous PSL Lab, and most importantly, got to semifinals in a community combat tournament (yeah this is such a great accolade and I'd also have envy of myself, too)

Fluff: As said before, I really like to take the lead when it comes to forming teams and let everyone who's about to play with me, to prove they're worthy.

bad mod

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IGN: xGula

This is the real endgame, you see all the old players come back for this very moment and that's something I would love to be part of, doing this finally sets me free so I can retire with the rest of them! pika_lol_1.png

Competitive Accolades: 

I've also managed for a team PSL called Hax'd Togekiss and made us reach quarterfinals, don't have much more I can give you but took a break for 6 months recently and all I did was play competitive across many tiers/metas and teambuild endlessly, currently going ham practicing in VGC with my homies aiming to make Team Australia!

 Mimi_Happi.png  I'm ready to go to war if you make me manager >:3 Mimi_Happi.png



#NewTourNewDrama #FaceRevealYesIAmBear #BadHost #LFmemeManager #WeekOneHype #Fukdubs #OhShiHereWeGoAgain #KukupoLatinoAndToxic #DontNormallyPunishTrolls #TooMuchJajaja

Side Note: Posting this for Kupokun for obvious reasons :kekw: 

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Motivation: I know that psl is a pvp temple and I'm eager to lead a team to achieve results on my own
I also manage players in Lo, the largest union in China, which means I know every Chinese player and most foreign players, In the past World Championship, I also helped the team organize training for many times. Because the captain was busy, I also helped my guild and national team collect a lot of opponent information and configuration. It's also helped a lot of players build their teams and provided the comeback ideas that they got.I may not be the best player in PVP among them, but I have the best ability to collect intelligence and be kind to others


Competitive Accolades: 
I have two championships a shiny award ,  and followed  the  team  to the  last eight of the world  Championship

To sum up, I am confident that I can be qualified for the task of becoming a team leader

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IGN: Suneet

Motivation: I've always wanted to be a PSL manager, and now that I've played in / observed a few (like 7 at this point, idk?), and having played under good managers and not-so-good managers (miss u preda), I have a good idea of what it takes to be a successful manager. I've seen the importance a good manager makes to a team, and I'm prepared to making winning a priority. I'm easy to work with, have decent knowledge of the community, and have more than enough comps to lend to my team if I'm selected.

Competitive Accolades: Carried Won PSL 7, played in a few more.

Fluff: What Quinn said.

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IGN: zMauri

Motivation: I would like to be a manager because I have participated in this event and similar events and I have some experience, it would be a different experience, the team that I was with in the previous edition reached the final, unfortunately we lost, but I want my revenge, if I stay or not I don't care I'm still like one more meme of all those who signed up.

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GN: WarwitoX

Motivation: To win this and that's it.

Experience: I have played the last 2 PSLs that have passed and in one of them we managed to win, while the last one we lost in the final, I was captain of TCLC where I took my team to 3rd place, and I have played several of these formats so I have the experience.

Fluff: if I don't get selected FF.

Many of you already know me so this is as far as I go, I don't read whining and that's it.


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IGN: JeanMarcH

Motivation: In case of emergency, break glass. I'd prefer to be someone else's co-manager than actually manage, but if you guys think that you're short on choices (I hope not since it's PSL, of all tournaments) then go for it.

Competitive Accolades: 

This year alone out of 3 tournaments as a manager:

-PCL Champion

-2nd Place NPA XI (out of 12 teams)

-2nd Place VGC World Cup (out of 56 teams)


If you're a manager who might be interested to have me, here's what I offer:

-Review/give a 2nd opinion on your draft plan

-Help with keeping track of things during the draft, including updating the draft board

-Help with dubs prep (as long as it's someone I can work with)

I don't really plan on forcing any kind of draft plan since I assume I'll be less active than you, since I'll be shifting my focus back to VGC mainly for 2023, so I should be less active and be inconsistently available depending on tournament frequency. I won't really say yes to anyone until we see who the final list of managers end up being, so that's also something to keep in mind.

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IGN: Azphiel

Motivation: I love team events. Ever since I've started playing comp seriously I took part in 3 World Cups, 3 PSL including Team PSL and 2 LCPL. Team events are amazing, I love the feeling of winning as a team after working hard with my teammates to practice and build.

Managing seems to be a lot of fun and I would like to try the experience. I have knowledge in all tiers and I would be happy to share all of it, help with the teambuilds and motivate my teammates.

Competitive Accolades: Some shiny wins, decent records in team events, won LCPL1

Fluff: Bless Kaynine for only putting only 1 dubs per week

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