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[PSL XV] Managers Registration

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On 12/2/2022 at 10:51 PM, Zhikodark said:

IGN: Zhiko

Motivation: I’ve managed in PSL before where my team reached the finals, and I’ve also been in the finals as a player. I know what it takes, and want to give it another shot. I have knowledge of every tier, resources, and the experience to win this season. 

Competitive Accolades: Over 20 official wins, won the World Cup with Argentina, won many team tournaments with Aw. 

Fluff: If I’m selected as manager I will make sure to win it this time

I edited it because the most pro of the server asked me to

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IGN: Wallarro

Motivation: I have always wanted to be manager of an event of this level and I had the opportunity to direct Venezuela in the last World Cup and in my opinion we did a good performance we did not get the trophy but we defeated the biggest ones and with that it seems good to me. 

I am a very good motivating agent, I celebrate your victories even if it is minimal and your defeats will not bother me unless you did not want to compete. 

I am active. 

I'm quite competitive, I've won a few tournaments and I've been in this kind of competition. 

I'm a good person, we'll get along. 


#WrathBan #SweetNoob #Latiosismyfan



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IGN: Cristi.
Motivation: I love the PSL, I participated in the last 4 editions as a player obtaining quite good results in general, both individually and collectively. I think this is the right time to put aside the role of player and try to lead my team to a new victory, I have knowledge in all tiers, I know I can help in whatever is necessary, I also have a lot of experience managing teams in WC, PSL Teams and various TT, I would like to be able to help new players to increase their level, to gain experience and above all, confidence, just like my previous managers helped me in the previous PSL ( @Zhikodark, @Luke and @Jaawax, I love you all and thanks for everything).

Competitive Accolades: I've won a few Officials Tournaments, and I've had an excepcional performance in the PSL's I've played.

Image  Image




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IGN: Mugiwarabru

Motivación: juego Pokémon competitivo durante 1 año y medio pokemmo. Me presentare como jugador principalmente pero me suele dar bien organizar los equipos y intentar evitar descontroles. En resumen me gusta gestionar.

Reconocimientos competitivos: No he ganado torneos oficiales. solo he Sido MVP de la TCL2 en la tier dubs.

Fluff: No sere el mejor competitivo, pero espero seguir mejorando dia a dia para dar lo mejor de mi en esta competicion en caso de salir elegido.

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Alright, we have selected the managers. A big thank you to gbwead and Draekyn for their help in making the list.





The first 3 managers we believe were an absolute no brainers. They really have everything required to be a great manager and we unanimously agreed to put them in right away.



Quinn has competitive knowledge and knows the community well but what I believe hikes him up in our list is his personality which I think will add something to this PSL season. Quinn had been going in and out of our list until we realised he had not managed before and that was enough to put him in the no brainer list.



It took a while to decide with this one but suddenly we all just agreed we should give him a shot. He's one of the few staff members embedded into the comp scene. Like Quinn, he knows the community well and is fairly well liked. Knowing multiple languages is really ideal when we were trying to diversify our list.



I believe he's the only one on this list that has managed before and boy does that help him. His time as a manager was one of my favourite selections of managers and he is a big reason for that. He does stuff that's outrageous but don't let that make you believe he doesn't know what he's doing, if you give him a hand, he'll take your whole arm. We need a hype man, you are it.



We needed some managers to bolster the representation of LatAm and there were plenty to pick from, some really good names but we decided to give a chance to someone who hasn't managed before. He's really likable and I'm sure people would love to play for him. I'm interested to see what he can do!



Another manager to represent LatAm. Cristi gave a good application and is a common sight in the competitive scene but what ultimately decided it was how many people mentioned him being a good dude who would do well as a manager. :flex:


I'm sorry if you weren't selected. There were a lot of great choices who would definitely do a good job but ultimately, we can't fit everyone in and we tried to be diverse while giving new managers a chance to prove themselves.


Our reserve managers:

Cali, Kanzo, Zhiko, Asmouduessa

Should one not claim the spot, drop out or get removed, we will select a reserve based on who left.

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Managers Selected, and their approval on Managers Pool of Gbwead:

PabloBacas - 47 want to play with him/11 don't want to play with him. - 81,03% Approval
Queest - 30 want to play with him/13 don't want to play with him. - 69,76% Approval
Azphiel - 30 want to play with him/13 don't want to play with him. - 69,76% Approval
QuinnW - 31 want to play with him/20 don't want to play with him. - 60,78% Approval
xJoseee - 24 want to play with him/11 don't want to play with him. - 68,57% Approval
DoctorPBC - 13 want to play with him/9 don't want to play with him. - 59,09% Approval
ILatios - 28 want to play with him/12 don't want to play with him. - 70,00% Approval

Cristi - no data, gbwead didn't include this manager on poll, sadly.

Best Approval: PabloBacas - 81,03%
Worst Approval: DoctorPBC - 59,09%

Good luck to all managers.

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