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Alpha Lunar Pokemon Movesets

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All Alphas are level 60! I would like to credit Aquejay for helping me document some of the sets that was missing in my list. You will have to catch all of the Alphas on your own accord in order to obtain Shaymin.



If you have any other questions pertaining to this event, then feel free to check out these guides:


Guide Key

1. Pokemon (Ability)

a.) Move 1


1. Zebstrika (Sap Sipper)

a.) Thunderbolt

b.) Signal Beam

c.) Flame Charge

d.) Double Team

Plates Needed: 12 Horse Tablets


2. Gyarados (Moxie)

a.) Waterfall

b.) Ice Fange

c.) Power Whip

d.) Roar

Plates Needed: 12 Dragon Tablets


3. Slaking (Truant)

a.) Giga Impact

b.) Hammer Arm

c.) Yawn

d.) Slack Off

Plates Needed: 12 Monkey Tablets


4. Excadrill (Mold Breaker)

a.) Earthquake

b.) Iron Head

c.) Rest

d.) Sleep Talk

Plates Needed: 12 Rat Tablets


5. Purugly (Defiant)

a.) Body Slam

b.) Night Slash

c.) Super Fang

d.) Hypnosis

Plates Needed: 12 *Tiger Tablets


6. Stoutland (Scrappy)

a.) Strength

b.) Crunch

c.) Fire Fang

d.) Reversal

Plates Needed: 12 Dog Tablets


7. Ampharos (Plus)

a.) Thunder

b.) Dragon Pulse

c.) Power Gem

d.) Rain Dance

Plates Needed: 12 Goat Tablets


8. Lopunny (Limber)

a.) Quick Attack

b.) Ice Beam

c.) Aura Sphere

d.) Endeavor

Plates Needed: 12 Rabbit Tablets


9. Braviary (Defiant)

a.) Fly

b.) Crush Claw

c.) Close Combat

d.) Rest

Plates Needed: 12 Rooster Tablets


10. Tauros (Sheer Force)

a.) Rock Climb

b.) zen headbutt

c.) Close Combat

d.) Iron Head

Plates Needed: 12 Ox Tablets


11. Steelix (Sheer Force)

a.) Iron Head

b.) Earthquake

c.) Crunch

d.) Curse

Plates Needed: 12 Snake Tablets


12. Grumpig (Gluttony)

a.) psychic

b.) Grass Knot

c.) Thunder Wave

d.) Teeter Dance

Plates Needed: 12 Pig Tablets

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