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Catch and Fight! ( Monotype ) 2

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Sunday, March 19th 2023



2:30 AM ET | 6:30 AM UTC | 2:30 PM PST (Philippine Standard Time) | Time Zone Converter



Route 10 (2nd floor of Pokémon Center), Kanto, Channel 4



• To register comment an IGN in this thread including the pokémon type you are going to fight with.

( e.g.  Unveil - Dragon )

• Message Unveil in game if you can't comment in this thread.

 No 2 players should choose the same typing. The first player to register shall take the type.

• Slots are limited so first come first serve. ( 8 or 16 slots )


Available Types:










• You will be given 30 minutes of catching at the start of the event.

• You can catch from every corner of the 4 regions.

• Pokémon caught before or after the alloted time will not be accepted.

• Catch a pokémon within the type you have registered with.
• You can catch a double typing pokémon as long as you have the typing that you have registered with. ( second typing viable )

• Pokémons should not be tampered with ( no EVs, no changing of moves, and no evolving ).


Tournament Arc

• Participants should link the pokémons they  caught to the host to check if viable
• Participants must have at least 1 pokémon to join the tournament.
• Participants can bring up to 6 mons to fight with.

• You can give your pokémons held items.

• When sending a duel request Enable advanced options then Disable team preview.

• Participants fight in a single elimination bracket format.

• Disconnecting during a match results in a DQ if the participant is unable to reconnect.



Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species /

Tournament Clauses Explained




415b0738a4a61f6ab6a9b6eed1ba3ff5.png.9bef444db070fd9e47b2539ace2c0013.png 1st Place Prize


 Hitmontop Lv. 55 King's Fall Particled

Careful nature, 4x31 1x29 IVs


 image.png.2e41c3d5e2d0cddb47074436cad59746.png500,000 Pokéyen



 9efde86b8ecb1270d3da7f78dc656657.png.528ea97358d422a8ce21dc841325adc8.png 2nd Place Prize


 Tauros Lv. 1 Hidden Ability Unlocked

Jolly nature, 2x31 3x27+ IVs


 image.png.41e4409a37d80e120056561b04235bcb.png300,000 Pokéyen



d06d221b538688a420279d9d2181710f.png.560d578976577efed162b5d01168c369.png 3rd Place Prize


Tauros Lv. 1 Hidden Ability Unlocked

Adamant nature, 3x31 2x27+ IVs


 image.png.7256856da965a8e7874f004736bc9c42.png200,000 Pokéyen



 image.png.89486a24dd0182277160ec299835a485.png4th Place Prize


 Mamoswine Lv. 55 Kanto Friends Particled 

Jolly nature, 2x31 3x27+ IVs


 image.png.cc01fb89d38bd6683e16da3b4a868551.png200,000 Pokéyen



Special Thanks To:


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