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LCPL 3 Players Sign-ups

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Players Sign-ups are now open!!



1- What are you, as a player, expected to accomplish?

  • Respect the host and their manager's decisions.
  • Playing games.
  • Putting in effort.
  • Being hype.


2- How to apply: 

  • Post in this thread, under the following format:
    • IGN:
    • Preferred Tiers:
    • Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked):
    • Discord contact:
    • Fluff:
    • Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager:



3- When is the deadline:


Thursday 30th of March at 8pm GMT


4- What's next?

  • Player Auction
  • Team Formation
  • Start of the Season
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  • IGN: Edstorm
  • Preferred Tiers: Can play any but i rather playing LC OU
  • Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked): I haven't played LC that much but i have a 5-0 record in some tournament playing LC OU
  • Discord contact: Edstorm#3065
  • Fluff: I like this tier a lot, the new meta motivated me and i just wanna keep playing the tier, it's pretty easy to understand it and i think everyone that understand the basic mechanics of pvp can play this tier correctly
  • Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: pls Gasai don't draft me
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IGN: Quinn

Preferred Tiers: OU SS

Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked): i beat your mom last season

Fluff: i have exams in April and May 

Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager : if you draft mostly spanish team without good players like mendeez or kirito don’t bother to bid on me.

edit : draft me with shelluny and jovi

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IGN: repposh
Preferred Tiers: any but preferably not dubs
Competitive accolades: played this game for almost a decade, mostly smogon stuff winning a couple of solo tours but im not there anymore. here on mmo ive joined a couple of smaller team tours with great success, last one lasted for 9 weeks and ended a week ago, i went undefeated my team won and i won overall mvp of the tour.
Discord contact: Milan #4310
Fluff: Im gonna be honest i've never played LC in pokemmo, but im of the belief that any tier can be learnt quickly if you have a strong mons foundation, experience and motivation which i all certanly have, especially with this crazy of a prize pool im extra motivated to put in the work, Im also the guy that recorded around 70+ matches from last years lcpl and some of the non ou tiers definitely peaked my interest.
Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: no preference.

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