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Add text speed option: instant


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The craze for string mods is at an all time high.


People are blanking all the text from their games or playing in chinese just to get through the game quicker instead of using the string system for better/additional translations.

Since the strings get updated every game, a lot of them don't notice that they are using outdated files and are missing out on the updated descriptions of items, moves, abilites, etc.


Instead of enabling people to speed through the game using unreliable string mods and having them complain why their game is not working properly, you should add a 5th text speed option, that displays the text instantly, barring line breaks and intentional delays. That way you'll get rid of the "speed difference" between different languages. You'll be able to play through the game just as fast as when using a blanked out version, just without needing to glitch your game and relying on knowing all the dialogue by heart.


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