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Pokemon Pixel Shop (OPEN)

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 PokeMMO Artstop!


Are you finding a shop where your little pixel character drawn as art? You've dropped in the right place! 


Welcome to Seii's gallery!


I offer Pixel art and edits❤️





My prices:



Trainer Sprite w/o Pokemon/s: 


> 500k Pokeyen

(+ 1 free pokemon sprite) 


> +100k per pokemon (if you wanna add one more pokemon.)




Customized Trainer card:


> 200k pokeyen (In-game sprite) 









TAT: 2 days to 5 days


Payment Method: Mail / Trade



Terms of Service:

1. Do not use for commercial use

2. Explain every important detail and references to me as needed

3. Payment is after I finish the product. But if you want to pay early, it's also okay. 

5. First come, first serve.

6. I will decline a commission whenever I feel uncomfortable.

7. Please message me first ingame, forums or Discord before sending payment or request to avoid confusion 





>Base Trainer or Pokémon sprites belongs to the official pokemon games. 

>Please give credit. 

>Yes, Admins gave me a thumbs up to open a shop like this ❤️



Contact me:


IGN: Seiichan 

Discord: SeishiiChan#8247








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