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A Social Trainer Card



I play this game for a few years, and i always wanted to see other's trainer card. It's a simple thing, nothing that important, but a good detail to the game, and a great new social feature.

I was thinking about it yesterday, and it would be cool if you could see your friend's trainer card, just to see some informations like:

- The date of the character creation
- The badges of the trainer
- The the hours played
- The amount of battle points
And the main thing
- That photo from an alternative perspective of the character, that does already exist on your personal trainer card.

I know that is a useless thing, but it would be nice anyway, so.. is it possible?

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That was asked many time in the past in this forum.

Personally I 'd omit the information on BP.


I would add more social info like what's favorite pokemon/region and the possibility to select one of your pokemon from the box and show in the trainer card.

You 'd be able to customize the background of your card, with some theme purchasable in the shop.

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It has been asked several times in dozens of different ways. Wether Trainer cards to spectate, locations shown in the friend list whatsoever.

Pokemmo devs kinda miss the most obvious..or ignore it. Dunno.
They are busy throwing focus sash and sturdy on all kind of pokemon instead, nerfing balls and stuff, rumors say.

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