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Team LightFall is Recruiting! [Competitive][Casual Players Welcome]

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In Game Name: BobInDaMob

Regions Completed: 4 (Currently doing Johto)

Competitive Experience (PvP Core Only): Lots of Showdown Randoms, some experience with Sw/Sh online doubles

Why would you like to join LightFall? Looking for a community to play and talk about the game with. Also have a friend that would like to join

Tell us about yourself: Played Pokemon since Fire Red, also played some MMO-type games like Destiny and started PokeMMO about 2 months ago

Discord ID: bbowes41#3483

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Application (Must Answer required questions)

In Game Name: TheLoneLuna

Regions Completed: Johto & Unova (Currently on Hoenn)

Competitive Experience (PvP Core Only): Only with Scarlet and Violet competitive, but never really played seriously (want to get into PVP)

Why would you like to join LightFall? -> I would like to meet some people on POKEMMO and make some friends as well as get into some competitive games, even if I'm new to POKEMMO in general, and it seems like a really friendly group

Tell us about yourself: Call me Luna or Lone ūüôā. Current Student. I only started playing POKEMMO 2 weeks ago, but have been playing Pokemon for as long as I can remember and love everything about Pokemon.

Discord ID: TheLoneLuna


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In Game Name: chronoadvent

Regions Completed: 1 (Kanto) am currently trying to beat Unova

Competitive Experience (PvP Core Only): None.

Why would you like to join LightFall? : Simply want to talk to people and have fun ig.

Tell us about yourself: Im a completly casual player who has completed a lot of pokemon games : (fire red, emerald, soul silver, sun and moon, heartgold, and ultra sun, aswell as some fan games like radical red and pokemon infinite fusions), i enjoy talking to people about pokemon and just having fun playing games in my free time.

Discord ID: chronotime

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IGN: Wobblemann

Regions completed: I have done all 5 regions

Competitive Experience (PvP Core Only): AH i did used to do random battles in pokemon showdown i mean that was all for fun with my friends

Why would you like to join LightFall? 

I mean having a team and becoming friends with people isnt bad and i wanted to learn competitive battling and the name "light fall" sounds good

Tell us about yourself: I am just a casual player who just recently started playing pokemmo and my god i am having fun and suffering at same time because of people flexing their shiny lol 

 Discord ID: wobblemann




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In Game Name: Shakezola

Regions Completed: All

Competitive Experience (PvP Core Only): none but willing to learn and try

Why would you like to join LightFall? looking for a group of people to have fun in the game with and learn more about the MMO in general

Tell us about yourself: I enjoy pokemon and pokemmo and want to find more to the game. i have over 100 hours solo and would like to join a team. im currently working on completing the pokedex and im at 347/605 OT 

Discord ID: Irishmetal

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In Game Name: Yvelynn

Regions Completed: 3 (Currently progressing Sinnoh)

Competitive Experience (PvP Core Only): Not much, only tried a handful of randoms PvP but would be keen to try building a PvP team at end game

Why would you like to join LightFall? Searching for a fun and friendly group of people to enjoy the grind and occasional conversations in the game, especially PvE. Would like to learn more about getting better at money making and shunting in PokeMMO in general

Tell us about yourself: Used to be from P1 but eventually quit due to many "dailies" and "weeklies" to keep track of, not to mention the death counter in trainer card was demoralising. Thats when i stumble into PokeMMO which stayed pretty faithful to original games - exactly what I was looking for and have been enjoying the game so far deep within 400 hours solo. Loving what the game has to offer but sometimes the grind can get lonely so I heard teams makes the gameplay much more entertaining and enjoyable which made me want to join.

Discord ID: yorushiya

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