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Shiny Odds in Hordes



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Even tho I'm not a shiny hunter it's a ridiculous change for maybe 1-2m more market value(if that's what they're doing it for), not worth the amount of extra grind it will require where shinies rate is already 1/30k, making stuff more rare/harder by unfair changes to the player doesn't make a good gameplay when there's no dungeons or anything like that


They've also limited on how many items you can use against e4 rematch lol, the game's surely getting harder/unfair in almost every aspect slowly, what's left that is not heavily nerfed? Maybe ditto farming, yea it got a boost.

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On 10/20/2023 at 12:55 AM, McTermi said:

Revamp the Shiny Horde Odds to 50/50.

This should easily be the most upvoted post lol 

18 hours ago, yesimnathan said:

I almost always have dono active on my account but with this change, it doesn't seem worth it anymore. I might buy one more month to get through the halloween event but I'm not gonna donate for a 10% better chance at getting shiny karps and onix.

That’s actually a hilarious and GREAT way of looking at it xD 

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