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All Competitive Services - Breed, Optimal PvE Pokémon, EV, LVL

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I'm happy to start my services thread on the forum. For now, I will offer Breeding, EV and LVL services. Eventually, I will only breed in the future.

I will give personal OT for free upon request, except for lv100 optimal PvE pokémons.




IGN: Azrub

Discord: azrub2121


EV SERVICE (discontinued)


510 EV: 20k

510 EV + LV50: 40k

510 EV + LV100: 10k + see leveling service


If I bred the pokémon for you:


510 EV: 10k

510 EV + LV50: 20k

510 EV + LV100: free EV service + free moves + see leveling service


LEVELING SERVICE (discontinued)


Find your pokémon's EXP group here.


600k-1.085m EXP group:


Lv1-50: 1200 per LVL

Lv50-100: 2700 per LVL

Lv1-100: 180k


1.25m EXP group:


Lv1-50: 1600 per LVL

Lv50-100: 4000 per LVL

Lv1-100: 240k


1.64m EXP group:


Lv1-50: 4000 per LVL

Lv50-100: 6000 per LVL

Lv1-100: 480k






LV1 2x31, 3x25+ natured: 340k (Free OT upon request)

LV1 3x31, 2x25+ natured: 450k (Free OT upon request)

LV1 4x31 natured: 500k (Free OT upon request)

LV1 2x31, 3x30 natured: 590k (Free OT upon request)

LV1 3x31, 2x30 natured: 670k (Free OT upon request)




LV1 6x0 unnatured: 800k (Free OT upon request)

LV1 6x0 + funny nature + funny ability: 1.2m (Free OT upon request)

LV1 5x31 natured: 1m (Free OT upon request)

LV1 6x31 natured: 2m (Free OT upon request)



Egg moves are free.

Happiness: +80k. No more extra costs.

If you want EVs, moves and level 50-100 as well, see EV service for discounts if you buy any breed from me.

No genderless, no male only breeds, no rotom at the moment. Will add more in the future.




SMEARGLE: smeargle.png

(@Leftovers - 252 Atk/200 Spe/58 HP)*item not included

The perfect catching ally and utility pokémon, a must have for all trainers who want to complete the pokedex. A necessity where Breloom can't be used.

200 speed EVs to outspeed the fastest alpha.

Recommended moveset: Spore, False Swipe, Soak, Substitute (flex slot).


LV100 + Adamant + Technician + 31Atk/25+Spe + 510 EV + FEMALE + 4 moves of choice: 280k (OT + 20k)

LV100 + Adamant + Technician + 31Atk/31Spe + 510 EV + FEMALE + 4 moves of choice: 370k (OT + 20k)

LV100 + Adamant + Technician + 5x31+ 510 EV + FEMALE + 4 moves of choice: 1.4m (OT + 100k)


BRELOOM: breloom.png

(@Toxic Orb - 252 Atk/240 Spe/18 HP)*item not included

The only pokémon that are safe from this absolute unit are ghost and grass types, they don't like Smeargle though.

240 speed EVs to outspeed the fastest alpha.

Recommended moveset: Spore, False Swipe, Seed Bomb, Drain Punch/Rock Slide/Bulldoze

Recommended moveset for secondary Breelom for alpha catching : Spore, False Swipe, Double Team, Substitute.


LV100 + Adamant + Poison Heal + 31Atk/25+Spe + 510 EV + FEMALE + 1 EGG MOVE (Wake Up Slap) + 4 moves of choice: 260k (OT + 20k)

LV100 + Adamant + Poison Heal + 31Atk/31Spe + 510 EV + FEMALE + 1 EGG MOVE (Wake Up Slap) + 4 moves of choice: 350k (OT + 20k)

LV100 + Adamant + Poison Heal+ 5x31+ 510 EV + FEMALE + 1 EGG MOVE (Wake Up Slap) + 4 moves of choice: 1.1m (OT + 100k)


TEDDIURSA: teddiursa.png

(@Choice Specs/Band - 202 Atk/252 SpA/56 Spe)*items not included

Simply the best sweet scent pokémon and horder in the game. All of my Teddiursa will have access to the hidden ability Honey Gather, even though it's not necessary if you will use it as an horder and, in fact, the pokémon will be given to you with the ability Pickup, but you will always have the option to select the hidden ability with an ability pill if you wish, as well as having a permanent diamond on your pokémon info.

A perfect speed IV roll and 56 speed EVs will give Teddiursa a total speed stat value of 130 at level 100, allowing us to outspeed every single horde in the game currently (the fastest pokémon encounterable in hordes is rapidash, and the fastest ones will have 129 speed).

The best nature is Mild (+SpA, -Def), followed by Rash (+SpA, -SpD). If you train SpD with Mantines (which is definitely not the most optimal way), you may not OHKO some high IVs ones, and so you may want to catch those high ivs for profit, and ideally have Mild nature, since they are going to deal the most damage with Air Slash and Hydro Pump. This is literally the only case in which Mild nature would be practically better, since we are always going to OHKO other hordes. If I will roll Rash on a 6x31 Teddiursa, you will have the choice to keep it as it is and, if so, you will get a discount.

My teddiursa will be bred from scratch with 3 egg moves (Belly Drum, Yawn, Night Slash), so you will be able to re-learn them later on if you want to have fun.

Recommended moveset: Hyper Voice, Earthquake, Sweet Scent, Night Slash/Dig (flex slot).

My own 6x31 Rash Teddiursa for stats reference: https://imgur.com/zweM1wx


LV100 + Mild + Pickup + 31Atk/31SpA/31Spe + 510 EV + FEMALE + 3 EGG MOVES (Belly Drum, Yawn, Night Slash) + 4 moves of choice: 580k (OT +20k)

LV100 + Mild/Rash + Pickup + 6x31 + 510 EV + FEMALE + 3 EGG MOVES (Belly Drum, Yawn, Night Slash) + 4 moves of choice: 2.3m (OT +200k) - Are you ok with an eventual Rash nature roll? If yes, price would be 1.6m (OT + 200k) so I will refund you 700k.




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