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CwaQui Breeding Service [OPEN]

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@Cwamowant and @Requi will run and manage this shop.


Budget Breeds:


• 2x31, = 95k - Natured

 • 3x31, = 190k - Natured

 • 4x31, = 380k - Natured

• 2x31, 3x25+ = 250k - Natured

• 2x31, 3x27+ = 330k - Natured

• 3x31, 2x25+ = 400k - Natured

• 3x31, 2x27+ = 480k - Natured

• 3x31, 3x25+ = 500k - Natured

• 3x31, 3x27+ = 580k - Natured


Perfect Breeds:

• 2x31, 3x30+ = 500k - Natured

• 3x31, 2x30+ = 600k - Natured

• 4x31, 1x30+ = 700k - Natured

• 5x31+ = 850k - Natured

• 6x31+ = 1.65m - Natured



• 0 IVs are Considered as 31s

• Egg moves are free within reason

• 9k Gender Cost is an additional 20k

• 21k Gender Cost is an additional 50k

• Happiness or Baby Pokémon is an additional 50k

• We will offer OT unless in the event of a nature roll.

• HA will be extra depending on the price of breeders

• May or may not do genderless/male breeds please contact before sending


If You Need Your Newly Made Pokémon Ev Trained/Levelled Check Out @Gurbb



Discord: levirequiem

IGN: Cwamowant


Please send the details (IVs, Nature, egg moves and final gender) along with the money via the in-game mail.


Order Template:



IV layout in this order


Egg Moves 

any additional info like preferred final gender, if you want OT, etc.






Wish, Yawn

final gender female


   Completed Orders:

  1. Gurbb - 2x31-natured x5

  2. Gurbb - 2x31-natured x5

  3. Bulkybell - 5x31-natured x3

  4. Gurbb - 2x31-natured x5

  5. Bulkybell - 3x31-natured, 2x31 3x25-natured, 4x31-natured x3

  6. Togadh - 3x31 3x24-natured

  7. Onraider- 3x31 2x25-natured

  8. Togadh- 2x31 4x20-natured

  9. Onraider- 2x31 3x25-natured 

  10. Togadh - 2x31 3x20-natured x5

  11. vaguelylistless - 4x31-natured

  12. JaschaHeifetz - 5x31-natured

  13. TheHRK - 6x31-natured x3

  14. Poosher - 2x31-natured

  15. The HRK - 6x31-natured

  16. ShinyJirachii - 2x31-natured

  17. Gurbb - 2x31-natured x5, 2x31 3x20-natured x2

  18. Legarekon - 2x31 3x28-natured

  19. nacen - 2x31-natured

  20. CaioXLive - 2x31-natured x5

  21. Legarekon - 3x28 1x31-natured

  22. Quakkz - 2x31 3x28-natured

  23. Togadh - 4x31 1x25-natured

  24. aprilwastaken - 2x31 3x25-natured

  25. Legarekon - 2x31 3x25-natured

  26. TheDH - 5x31-natured x3

  27. Solvery - 6x31-natured

  28. Legarekon - 2x31 3x27-natured

  29. Rockyexe - 2x31 3x27-natured

  30. TheDesertRex - 5x31-natured

  31. BrettWong - 3x31 2x30-natured x6

  32. TheDesertRex - 5x31-natured

  33. Amirr- 5x31-natured

  34. NagaHex- 5x31 1x30-natured x17

  35. Amirr- 5x31-natured

  36. iFranco - 5x31-natured x2, 6x31-natured

  37. Maahitto - 3x31, 2x30-natured

  38. vaguelylistless - 5x31-natured x2, 3x31, 2x28-natured x2, 4x31 - Natured x1

  39. FishermanZephy - 4x31-natured x2, 3x31-natured

  40. Azphiel - 2x31, 3x25-natured x2

  41. Jaddee - 5x31-natured x4

  42. FishermanZephy - 2x31-natured x20

  43. Yjos - 5x31-natured

  44. BulkyBell - 3x31-natured x2

  45. NotZakr - 2x31 3x27 natured x4

  46. tcknight - 2x31-natured 

  47. thefluffvr - 2x31, 3x25-natured x2

  48. BeBeCuB - 2x31, 3x30-natured

  49. Frauts - 2x31, 3x27-natured x5

Edited by Cwamowant
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This breeding shop exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service.
The staff's knowledge and friendliness made the entire breeding process enjoyable, coupled with fair prices that reflect their commitment to customer satisfaction.
I highly recommend their services to any Pokémon trainer seeking top-notch breeding assistance.

Thanks again! ❤️

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Once I saw this post I realized how little profit they actually make from this. You really do it because you enjoy helping people. Friendly, clear and fast delivery. It's also great that you have the opportunity to get your own OT on it. I wish you the best of luck with other orders and if I need anything I know where to go 🙂


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Requi is a very well respected professor, Cwammy is a lovely lady. This makes them a POWERduo.
Their breeding is quick & accurate, will be back in your mailbox before you even blinked your eyes, and you will be walking on the streets of Kanto with a big smile on your face, along with 3 girls following you and your perfect breed made by two incredible individuals.

My life story: I was born in RT26 kanto as a nub, nub genes, nub money, nub wallet nub pockets nub clothes nub life. I met those two pro's who turned my life upside down and I upgraded from nub to member. I will never forget what these two individuals have done for me. I am grateful forever.

Love you all. definitely a recommendation.

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