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Team Applications & General Q/A

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How to join/apply to Team Pure:


It's not hard, just fulfill the join requirements and contact us in some way.


Join Requirements:


-300 hours played on PokeMMo
-1 shiny


This team is meant for shiny hunters primarily. If you are not a shunter, you will likely find a better team for you elsewhere.


How to join


There's a few ways you can contact us.

-In-game contacts: (Any team staff on the forums or discord)


-NOT this forums page. We don't want you to have to publish your application publicly, we can keep it private.


We strongly suggest discord of these options (if you're seeing this), as it will be the easiest way for both you and us.


When you contact us, please give us 2 things:

-A screenshot of your trainer card (for us to see your hours played and IGN)

-Screenshot(s) of any shinies you currently have. Feel free to also include a message of shinies you no longer have.



Q: I don't have a shiny or 300 hours, but am actively shunting and/or close to 300 hours. Can I still join?
A: Feel free to apply. Our join requirements are more of a suggestion that a requirement, and we'll fairly evaluate you ourselves. Just be open to contact in some form. 


Q: Are there any requirements I have to uphold after joining, such as activity requirements?

A: If you're offline for a while and perform no contact with us, you may be removed. Otherwise, there's no active requirements once you join, no.

There's one small exception. If you regularly join shiny charms, we ask you contribute your own charms occasionally, for the sake of mutual benefit and fairness.

We will always prioritize less active members in-game but active members in the team community.


Q: Are there any special rules for the team?

A: Kind of. We don't require "activity updates", but we do ask that you be somewhat social on the team, not exclusively a lurker. If you're joining a team for an occasional charm, global chat already has that. If you're looking for a place to hang out with people that share a common goal, that's what a team's for.

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