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Team PokéVengers [PkeV] is OPEN for recruitments




PokéVengers started in February of 2023 with the aim to make a chill and friendly community. We organize regular Team Events and exciting Bounties for our members to participate in and enjoy. Whether you're a veteran or a new-player, we're here to help in both PvE and PvP. We understand that different people like different aspects of the game, our team consists of different kinds of players who specialize in different things. Our team offers resources and useful tools to assist you on your journey no matter your play style.


Recruitment Video




 Friendly community of people to talk and play with. Captains that you can ask questions to.

 Creative Team Events and Competitions.

 Shiny Showcase

 Team Discord Bot

 Captains to help newer players.

 Active Discord server - discord.pokevengers.com - We chat in text/voice channels in addition to in game.

 Team Encounter counter themes.

 Team Website - Pokevengers.com


Website Video:



Monthly Player Rewards

  • Most Shiny Pokemon Caught in a month – 5 Million in game.
  • Highest PVP Ladder ELO – 5 Million in game.
  • Member of the Month – A team member chosen by the staff will receive 5 Million in game.


Semi-active players - We understand that this is just a game and that sometimes people can't play due to real life. We even have retirement roles if you want to take an extended leave from the game. You don't need to worry about being kicked off the team for not playing, just let someone know you are taking a break.

✦ PVE Players - Whether you're a Leppa farmer or love collecting shinies.

✦ PVP Players - Even if you are casual or really like grinding for ELO.

Anyone who likes playing the game in general. We are here to have fun and enjoy the game.




✦ One Region completed.

✦ A decent understanding of English, even if it isn't your first language.

✦ A Discord account. (Not a hard requirement, this will be used to login to our team website eventually.)



You can apply by responding to this post or you can apply right in our discord for privacy.

➤ What is your In-Game-Name ?

➤ How many hours do you have in-game ?

 Which regions have you completed ?

➤ What is your Timezone? (To help with coordinating events.)

➤ What is your Age? (Mainly to gauge maturity level, can be omitted.)






Retired Founder
























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Small bump with some team updates for those interested.


Still plenty of room if anyone is interested in joining the team. You can apply in our discord: discord.pokevengers.com


We've released our monthly newsletter for March for anyone that want's to see what we've been up to: https://pokevengers.com/2024/04/02/monthly-newsletter-march/


The time function from our discord bot has been ported to the website: https://pokevengers.com/time/ (Will be improved over time.)


We are currently heavily focused on our Bingo event with a current prize pool of 80 Million in game: 


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