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May 2024 Movement Discussion Thread

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On 4/29/2024 at 2:44 AM, Munya said:

As it currently stands Shaymin will be retested in UU and Yanmega will be quickbanned to BL2 at the start of the next month.

Read the thread guys.

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18 hours ago, VadimEmpoleon said:

Does this mean that if at least one of the 3? (not sure how many voted for it to stay) TC that voted for it to stay in OU changed their mind a discussion for it would start now before the end of the season?

Last vote was 3-3. Need to convince one of the TC members that have done a vote against, and hope the 3 that voted in favor of a ban didn't changed their mind. Or you can go for the simplest part: one of tc members that voted against has leaved TC(DoubleJ leaked that info) and there is a new one in their place. iirc the one that joined is Flacuskye, so he is the one you should go after.

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