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Is the alphabet Unown to you ? (Team Catching Event)

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Is the alphabet Unown to you ?

Team Pure catching event

Saturday, May 4th 2024



PT 13:00 | ET 16:00 | UTC 20:00 | CST 04:00 (May 5th for CST)

Check the Discord event to see the time converted to your local time


Seven Island's Tanoby Chambers, Kanto, Channel 1


1 hour for catching
10 minutes to submit your entries


Pokemon accepted as valid entries


Total sum of IVs of each of your entries = Total score


o You must be a member of team pure to participate
o You must submit 4 entries, but they must all be different letters. Each of your entries will count towards your total score
o 1st-2nd places are sorted by highest to lowest total score
o 3rd place is the lowest total score
o All pokemon need to be caught within the event time at the event location
o You must be the OT of the pokemon
o To submit your entries, you must whisper them to Romsmesme
o In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by earliest cumulated catch time






Donations are welcomed, but not obligatory



Super Lottery : 840k

Romsmesme : 660k

ShadowTrainer : 500k

ShuntingChris : 500k

excalibaruu : 500k

kokoswush : 1 Shiny Charm



🥇 1st place

OhWhatALegend with a score of 515

1'400'000 ₽


2 Shiny Charms


🥈 2nd place

MiniWheatsPKM with a score of 509

1'000'000 ₽


1 Shiny Charm


🥉 3rd place

LunaLost with a score of 238

600'000 ₽


1 Shiny Charm


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