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[LYLE] KingCheerios - Greatest Team of All Time


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2 minutes ago, DoubleJ said:

You have cells that produce mucous in your head, when you develop an upper respiratory infection or sinus inflammation these cells work overtime to try and clear whatever pathogen is trying to make itself at home. Essentially your body is draining fluid to catch and remove anything that's trying to do bad things to you. 


Conclusion: Blow your nose.


EDIT: Kay, you're so sly. Fuck you Jonaz =)




Why am I sly man, I did nothing

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It might not be a Shiny Aerodactyl, but fuck I feel good. Went from quitting to randomly playing a qualifier thanks to JSTUD prodding me along. Won that and bam, grinded the Final. Took out BlueBreath with Zam + Toise, beat NikhilR with that same Zam, and then slayed Frags (the eventual champ) with Sleep Powder. Decided to use my gimmick against PBC and well, that didn't work out. Frags and I had a good match. If I didn't miss that Hydro Pump turn one I might have been reaping the glory, but I digress. 


Regardless though, Doubles #1 and I thank all of ya'll for cheering for me throughout. Ya'll the best fam. 





Now staff need to quit with these tournament series so I can actually die. 


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