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[Sig] Signature Rating Thread


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4 hours ago, natsuto said:

Hi, could you rate this please :















I'm not a fan of gifs myself just because it's like just throwing text onto it, not much room for creativity.


Overall though the text you put in was placed in good positions, easy to read and all have a nice color to match the style of each gif.

Also the gifs aren't boring, so it's nice.

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18 hours ago, Otoya said:


I think regarding the text, a different font/color/effects will do it some justice



18 hours ago, Brooklynmr said:

How is my sig making? 



I dig it

edit: btw what do you use for sigs? I have some tips if photoshop (im a 1 trick pony, idk gimp/other stuff)


On 1/23/2017 at 5:30 AM, Otoya said:


Made by myself.~

Looking good!

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@DaftCoolio you're a fool and don't comprehend art in its most intricate form

@KaynineXL you're a genius and depicted my portrayal of mental illness perfectly


all bello wanted was to spread some love gosh, look what you've done

@BigPapi i hope ur happy bellossom was institutionalized again because of u, she didn't think she was good enough


I just hope to god belly may one day wish to dance again... bastards


(also I'm not half a year late, ur all just too early)



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