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Why? Because I said so, okay? Alright good. Now then, We are a bunch of raiders who decided to play pokemon. We have triumphed our way through the Kanto region and gathered followers who had the urge to well.. uh.. fight and stuff. So If you ever feel the need to attack an entire village with some friends you might belong here.

We are also very friendly with noobs and introduce them to ba-- I MEAN GREAT HABITS LIKE LUCKY EGG FARMING! OKTY

We have "supplies" *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

I guess we should get to the "important" stuff

Guild Leader!






Special Titles!

The Queen of Baconand Rainbows!

[font='comic sans ms']Meuxes---->[/font][font='comic sans ms'] Kitten tumblr_inline_mfgumltQLY1rxnvz7.gif[/font]

[font=georgia]So uh, I guess people would like to join and stuff, so i'll put this here[/font]

[spoiler]Ingame name:
Favorite food:
Time played:
number of badges:
how many tacos eaten?:
Do you bring the "supplies"?:
What can you bring to the guild?:

We also have a mewtwo hunter! = BadLuckBrad = He caught mewtwo once!

Best of luck to you all and hope you have a jolly day.

P.S. -has anyone seen my stash?

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