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[Sig]Yumi's Graphics <3


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It's great thanks :D

EDIT: My SAO sigs wont load in the grumpy bumper site D: I get this
The AoT one you made me works tho

Sorry, yeah its because my old Photobucket account ran out of bandwidth. So I had to make a new account, so new sigs should appear, no problem! 


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♥ Render: http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/269/e/9/mikasa_chibi_by_nagiisa_w_tsukii-d6nz79e.png
♥ GIFhttps://31.media.tumblr.com/8d5989c2a038a02d3f6b56850887ad56/tumblr_inline_nahzp6GWrb1skwp8x.gif
♥ Background: your choice
 Colour scheme: your choice
 Font: your choice
 Name: Platoons
♥ Team: Optic
♥ Quote: none
♥ Additional information: thanks yumiiiii c:

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Sig/Banner:  Sig


♥ Render:

♥ Background: 
 Colour scheme: Blue or grey (or both)
 Name:  Captaingrey
♥ Team: STÂR
♥ Animation: Name
♥ Signature style: What you want   :)



I don't like doing text animation anymore. Just the new style I do now with the gifs o:

Hope you like it ^_^



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