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[Contest] You Wanna Write About It? A weekly writing competition!

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I wrote this in a perspective of a girl just to see if I could. I also would like to thank anyone for any feed back on this even if this isnt counted as an entry I would love any and all constructive criticism. Basically she changes through the battles she fights, coming to an ultimate conclusion of what she will need to do.


A few things may be confusing and pardon the word count ( If there is a count limit) but again if its to long to be an entry I would just love some feedback! I also skipped the prologue that explains everything, this is supposed to turn into a manga series thats why the chapters are so short, each chapter is like a book in the manga! Hope you all enjoy!


The Character in perspectives name is Kyu Sekai!





Chapter 1: The First Fight


I am waiting with anticipation for the list of names to be posted.  I scan the room and see a lot of stiff competition, a few even training and showing their skills to everyone else. This morning my dad gave me four daggers they are kind of big though, but lighter than my regular swords which make them easier to use, my father said to me that they are still made out of the same material as my swords so I still can’t use my ability with them- which is alright because I am used to that, and they will still cause a lot of damage. Suddenly the room goes quiet, the list.  A short man, with black short hair that’s tussled at the front, and wearing a suit, pins a piece of paper up on the board. The people in the room swarm towards it like moths to a flame.  I am the last to see who I will be facing and when I do I shudder.

Yosuke Chiyo  v.  Akatsuki Akeno

Katsu Hiro    v.   Kyuseishu  Sekai

Kroh Runaha  v.  Konome Hiro

Katsu Hiro, son of the most skillful swordsmen I know. Of all the people here and I had to fight him in my first round. I glance around the room until I find his eyes and he looks at me for a moment, and then turns away, I cannot lose to him. I won’t lose to him. Then I noticed it, the name that everyone seems to be spouting, Kroh Runaha, The Black Haze. They say he has thrown away victory into the top ten numerous times, and they don’t know why.

The fights are picked randomly and again my luck must hate me because I fight first. I see Katsu leap from his chair straight into the arena like a soaring bird, I on the other hand equip my belt and sheath my daggers and walk into the arena, he is not even paying attention to me.  He is talking with his friends and joking around, for some reason that makes me angry. The match keeper grabs his attention “This fight will last until one of you his unable to fight, or it is obvious who the winner is”, Katsu looks up and smirks at me, and I can feel my face heat up with embarrassment.

He probably sees me as a fragile creature,  I think.

“after this battle you will enter your three man teams and have a three v, three battle also until one team cannot fight. At this time anything is allowed but do not cause a fatal blow!  You may begin!” I feel my body tense up at the sound of the word begin.  For a second I had not realized that Katsu already lept into action, but I felt his presence behind me, he is fast, I duck, dodging his punch and pivoting my body so my elbow can connect with his jaw he easily dodges it and makes a quick but nimble retreat, he made a mistake showing everyone his ability so soon, he is fast and agile that’s nothing too special, I watch his movements closely hoping to see that flicker before he disappears, and I do. I aim my kick towards the air but come into contact with his rib. I hear him groan and I lean forward to follow up with a punch but I am too late, he’s already behind me with his sword drawn, I grab one of the daggers and unsheathe it and push down on it leaving it to spin in the air along my back as cover, as I unsheathe my second dagger, I turn to catch the one in the air. As I do Katsu makes his move, I am to slow and the tip of his sword is right in front of my eye I can see the sharpness along its edges, I have to use my ability or it’s over, I close my eyes tight and reopen them, at first I am confused as to where I am but I look behind and surely Katsu is standing there with his sword lunging towards where my eye was. I quickly turn and dash at him, I unsheathe one of my last two daggers and place it by his throat. I win.

Although our battle was short it caused a lot of stirring in the audience, “Who is that girl?” is the question I hear numerous times as I walk back to my seat. I am stopped by Kroh, “Kyu is it?” he asks,  he has dark grey hair with a way lighter grey streak in the middle, a black under armor  t-shirt with matching cargo pants, I nod. He tosses a role at me, at first I flinch but I catch it and realize that its twenty-five thousand dollars, I look up at him “That was a great match, keep the money, you deserve it” he says whilst walking away, I blush. I did it I advanced to the next round, Katsu also advances but in a lower grade than I do. I can feel the heat of his stare burning into the side of my head, “Wow that was amazing!” a girl about my height leans over to me she has dark brown hair shaping her face that drapes to her shoulders, she has a grey shirt and a grey skirt – neutral colours – she has what seems to be sandals on but they cover her foot more than a regular sandal. “I am Akatsuki Akeno, but I rather you call me Suki for short” she says, “Hi, I am Kyu –“ “Sekai, I know. I saw your match with that Hiro guy, uhh Katsu, I think his name was, yeah him, I think its amazing that you can teleport, that’s what you did right!” She sounds almost bewildered that I can do that, my father said that its normal so she should not be this shocked, “yeah” I say timidly. The thing is its not that special. I mean sure I can teleport but I never can pinpoint where I will end up. That’s why I try not to use it unless I really need it. “Well, I hope we can be friends” Suki adds, “Me too” I say acknowledging her request.


Chapter 2: Friends



I watched Sukis fight and managed to find out her abilty, healing, her left foot tendon was severed and she was able to walk again within a few seconds, I am not sure if she can heal others or not, but that ability can have its advantages. She ultimately lost her battle, because she could not bear the pain any longer. After a few matches go by it has become time to join our three man cells. Since I have won the first match I get to pick one person to be on my team the other will be appointed to me, I have to pick from the losers. “Ms. Sekai, please pick your teammate think of all the fights you saw and pick one of the losers that will best suit what you want your team to do” the announcer explains. I have not thought of what my team will do, at all. I see Sukis eyes glaring at me, almost pleading with me to pick her and I also see Katsu with his face turned away begging me not to pick him. I choose Suki because her healing may come in handy, she trots over to stand beside me . I watch everyone else get picked including Katsu.

We find ourselves waiting, “I noticed in your fight how you didn’t teleport with your daggers” Suki inquires, “I cant teleport with them while they are unsheathed, they are made out of Kamigami no Kinzoku, the gods metal, which  cannot be broken and are to dense to teleport with, they are heavier than any other sword out there.” I start to explain, “Why can you teleport with it sheathed then?” she utters, “The sheaths are called Kami no Chariotto, The God’s Chariot, it allows the gods metal to be lightened and carried while I teleport, these daggers are called Ten-gun, Heaven’s Soldiers, but my swords that I usually fight with are called Tengoku no Eiyu, Heavens heroes, there are four of them as well, plus my Katana, which is made out of the same material it’s the heaviest and I can summon it whenever I need it, it’s called Tengoku no Getokipa, Heaven’s Gatekeeper, but I cannot use any other sword while I use the Getokipa” at the end of my statement Suki draws her blade “This is the Shioreta Bata, The Wilted Rose,  it is called that because it can fall apart creating a new sword, like petals from a rose. It was my mothers, she gave it to me, she –“ Just then the door swung open and a boy stood there. He had tussled hair that look like he purposely wanted to have bed head he wore a grey jacket with grey pants, and boots.I remember his fight, Unmei Shibo he lost his fight quickly without showing his ability, I have no idea what he can do, “Hi..” he said, “Im Unmei Shibo” “I am Kyu Sekai and this is Suki Akino, welcome to the team” I yawned “We should get some sleep there is a big day ahead of us”. Both Unmei and Suki nodded and move towards there cots, I go to mine Suki douses the light and I drift to sleep.


I wake to Suki and Onmei talking with each other, “I am 15,” Suki says cheerfully, “ how old are you?” “Only 12” Onmei stutters, I sit up and they both look at me. “Good morning Kyuseishu.” Onmei greets me, “Please don’t call me that” I groan, Kyuseishu is my full name,”just call me Kyu, okay?” he nods and Suki smiles at me “shut up” I kid halfly. The teams are named by their leaders last name, we are Team Sekai. I actually find it perfect, my dad is the judge in these battles, when he hears our team name he will know that I won in the first round. Suki and I get ready in the girls dorms while Onmei went off to the boys dorms. “What happened to your side?!” Suki urged, “While I was training I dropped the sword and cut myself.” I explained, “Did it hurt?” she asks shyly, “Well of course it did!” I respond. I find a body length mirror in the bathroom and peer at myself. My hair is a really light shade of grey, I picked a white cloak, with light grey pants and a darker grey tank top. If my arms are by my side the cloak hide my swords running on my waist and along my back. Yes, I have decided for this battle I will use my swords to prove to my dad that I am not as weak as he thinks. I walk out of the bathroom and see Suki wearing all white, with her hair braided up, “are you ready?” She asks. I nod. We meet Onmei, he looks worried, “Hey! Onmei. Are you okay?” I ask, he looks at me and I can tell he is fighting back tears. “Hey!! Whats wrong?” Suki beamed, “They changed the rules,” he began “they can kill us.” “Who?” I stammered “Anyone who wants to!” he sobbed. I stare at him. Half of me wants to comfort him, but the other wants to slap him. “Get a hold of yourself!” I started “if they can kill us, then we can kill them!” “How they are really strong?” He asks. I jolt for a moment, lost for words. I see his eyes begging me for an answer, I turn to Suki she looks scared too. He is right most of our opponents are really strong. I smile, ”Are you forgetting, I won the first round!, I am pretty strong too, ya know.” I see that he has stopped crying. I smile at him, “Don’t worry, I will protect you.” I say softly reassuring him. Both he and Suki smiles.

We enter the arena all teams were in the booth before us; I see that the arena is humongous. I read a sign entering that it could hold up to sixty-four thousand people. Onmei seems bewildered by the size of it, Suki does not even take a second glance at it. We sit together in a row while the battles commence. “The first battle will commence with Team Runaha v. Team Hanamura, last team able or willing to fight wins, after Team Chiyo v. Team Sekai, be ready!” the game master announces.

Team Runaha                                            Team Hanamura

Kroh Runaha                                                Akifumi Hanamura

Aiko Ishida                                                  Hibiki Uno

Akemi Mita                                                 Mei Ozaki       


Chapter 3: Blood & Bone

I cannot believe we are going up against Team Chiyo, their team consists of Katsu and his brother Konome, it must have been luck that put them on one team, both of them are skilled, one with speed the other with brawn, not to mention their leader Yosuke. I sigh, Onmei looks over at me with a worried face, I smile at him, he smiles back. “Team Sekai and Team Chiyo please step towards your gates” I walk up to the gate, Onmei on my right Suki on my left the gates open and I can see Katsu across the arena. “GO!” I hear the announcers voice. “C’mon” Suki yells, just then I could not believe it but Katsu was behind us.  Before I could react I felt the flat of his foot along my back launching me forward, pain shoots through my spine, just as I am about to hit the ground water surrounds me and cushions my fall, I catch my bearing and look behind me, Onmei. I smile at him as he ducks dodging Katsus attack, Katsu lands a hit on him and he goes spiraling backwards I try to dash to his aid but suddenly the ground erupts in front of me, I feel rocks hit my face. I flip back and land on my feet and I look up, Konome. “You will be fighting me girl, I want to know why my brother lost to you, I on the other hand will not lose” he boasts. Great, Konome was more of a dual wielding swordsman. Not to mention his amazing strength, he is wearing a grey muscle shirt with baggy pants and sandals. I assume Suki is fighting Yosuke but I am a bit preoccupied to confirm that. I smile “Well hopefully you can entertain me more than Katsu can.” I taunt, it must have angered him because he jolted toward me leaving a crack in the ground as he left it. But he is slow I easily dodge him; with draw my sword and go in for the attack he turns mid air and grabs me “Haha you think you can flank me like that? Guess again, girl.” He says while smashing me into the ground.

Pain shoots through my body and ringing through my ears I can hear Onmei calling my name, Suki too. I can’t lose this fight my dad is watching. I close my eyes and re open looking around I immediately know where I am, I look down and there is Konome drawing his sword. I unsheathe mine and push off the air down towards him he spins around noticing me but is too late, I plunge my sword into his shoulder, a gasp of pain escapes his mouth. He stumbles back clutching his shoulder, “Awe don’t tell me this is all the Hiro family heirs have, I mean your father is a legend, but you and Katsu are pathetic.” “Shut up!” he yells while picking up his sword, “I will kill you!” just then he was behind me I was shocked, I thought he had strength not speed. His foot comes down on my shoulder knocking me down to the ground he picks me up and throws me,  I try to land but again he is behind me and grabs the back of my head and drives it into the ground, a stinging sensation surges through my face he pulls me out and throws me into the arena wall. I fall to the ground and feel the blood dripping from my mouth and head. How is this possible? He is strong and fast? I don’t have much time before his feet appear under my face. “That’s right, bow to me girl! I am far greater than you!” He tells me. I can’t feel my body, blood surrounds my face and my bones feel broken, I hear Onmei scream, I promised to protect him! I will not lose, I try to stand up, “what’s this?  you got a little fight left in you, eh?” he taunts me,  I look over to Onmei and I see Katsu throwing him around not giving Onmei anytime to react. I see Onmei trying to create shields with ice but Katsu is too fast. I try to see Suki and I do, she is fighting Yosuke and by the looks she is also losing.  “This….. is…. boring me” I utter and start to laugh, I actually don’t know why I am laughing, I am in so much pain. I look up at him and his face seems puzzled, I smile at him and launch my body at him, my forehead directly connecting with his, “Hi!” I say to him. I shut my eyes and open them again this time I am a few meters behind him. I whistle at him to catch his attention. He turns to me, and I smile at him.  Konome dashes towards me, I jump back, and then I feel him behind me, I teleport this time landing near one of the swords I dropped earlier. I take my sleeve and wipe the blood off my face, as I go to pick up the sword, Konomes hands grab my face and slam it into the wall. “Hey,” he whispers in my ear, “look over there…” I look in the direction he is pointing and I see Katsu a few metres away from Onmei drawing his sword, “your friend is going to die!” as soon as he said that I saw the flicker of Katsus speed, “NO” I  scream, just then I am right beside Onmei and Katsu, I feel Onmeis blood splatter on my face. I unsheathe a sword and swing it at Katsu, I miss. I grab Onmei as he falls, “Onmei!” I scream as his body goes limp in my arms, my body goes weak as I look over to the trio of boys high fiving each other, Suki must have lost, or unable to fight. I stand leaving Onmeis body, I walk towards the trio, until Konome notices me. I feel a surge of power go through me, I bolt at them and they put their guard up. Konome was the first to advance, he extends his arm to grab me as I throw my sword up in the air I teleport to the side of his arm, reacquire my sword and severe his arm with it. He falls to the ground thriving in pain. I have no remorse my target isKatsu, he is going to die for what he did.

 Yosuke approaches me laughing, “aww are you trying to avenge your –“ I teleport in front of him grabbing his mouth to shut him up and slam him into the ground breaking his spine. I continue walking towards Katsu, my mind feels empty and dark. “Please Im sorry, its just a game, I didn’t –“ this time I teleport directly behind him grabbing his mouth and pulling him back into my sword, “a game is it..” I murmer as my sword enters his heart, “ I win”. I let go of him and his body drops to the ground. Everything is hazy and then all goes black.


Chapter 4: The Promise

I wake abruptly, like jumping out of a nightmare. I see Suki sitting beside the bed I was laying in. Her eyes looks as though she pities me. “What?” I ask her, her eyes fall to her hands “Your hair…”. I was confused by what she meant by that, but then it struck me, I ran to a mirror to see my hair. The ends of my hair were cobalt black and the rest going white. I look at Suki. “What happened to me!?” “You killed him…” Suki mumbles. I killed him? I killed who? My brain aches for the answer and then like a dam opening the flood gets all the memories poured into my brain, the sorrow, the guilt, the anger. I promised to protect Onmei and I couldn’t. I look up at Suki, her eyes still on her hands, “Look at me!” I plead with her, is there darkness in me, is that why my hair is like this. Why are the other parts going white. I couldn’t think of that now, “Suki…” I whisper softly at her,”Suki..” I say a bit louder, her head turns to me, “We have another fight coming up, we need to get ready.” I turn back to the mirror, I feel my heart drop into my stomach and I have chose my path. I am not light, I am not dark, I am the shade in the middle that keeps both at bay, I am the one with morals but yet lack the understanding of them. I will never, never, let another friend die. Even if I have to kill to protect them.




There will be more at a later date I would also love feedback as this is an actual story I am writing sorry my entry is so long. 

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Forgive me for writing a half-assed generic theme story which I think has the bare minimum to do with change. Whipped this up in an hour and a half so don't expect much - even the WC!


Title - get rekt

[spoiler]And it is I, who shall finally feel the taste of vengeance after years of tyranny and hardships forced upon my town. Years and years passed, forced into labour, we worked. We worked until our starving bodies could take no more. No more of this slavery. At that point, what could we do? We carried our frail bodies to wor—torture every single day, from one sunrise to another. Aside from this, we all know what loomed nearer every second we had to abide by this sadistic maniac.


Oh, the pain...


The sun rose, like a blooming flower, on the moment of our victory. The desert ground, hardened from the frequent beating of the sun, was now crimson red.

We won, but the moment we had all waited for wasn't over; and I had the honour to do it. 


I lifted my sword above him and said to him:

"Is this what you wanted? The fall of an empire from its own slaves? We awaited this day and we shall have no mercy... I will smite down upon you with no mercy."

A sigh of relief went across the town as the tyranny was lifted. [/spoiler]

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An idea for next time. Maybe have the next week's prompt ready at the beginning of the week. This way it would flow more smoothly and while you're busy judging last weeks entries we can focus on the current week.


Hopefully there will be less or no delay like the last time albeit understandable. Consistency in this is really inspiring as well as enjoyable.

Yeah in an ideal world, this would always be the case. I botched this last time due to a combination of factors, but I've got the next week's topic ready now, and will post it when the deadline hits

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Alright fellas, "week 3" is officially over, which means I am no longer taking submissions. Eggplant and I (and Fera, too, if she would like to judge) will be going over all the entries the next few days and determining a winner. Since this "week's" entries are a bit longer, I anticipate this will take a decent amount of time. But be patient! And hey, while you wait, why not sink your teeth into...


The Week 4 Topic!

Let's bring it back to the world of pokemon. Remember when Ash goes and fights brock, but loses? Then, he goes back, and loses again? But a sprinkler malfunction completely disregards core game mechanics, and his pikachu beats an onyx using thunderbolt? Yeah, I wasn't a huge fan of that either. So let's see if you guys can do better.


I want you to detail the story of a protagonist who attempts a gym battle, and loses. The gym must be canon from one of the gen 1-6 storylines, but I don't mind if you change minor details, as long as they still make sense. (For example, you can give Blaine in Cinnebar a different pokemon than usual, but it still should be a fire pokemon). What your protagonist does after losing this gym battle is completely up to you. But strong submissions won't simply end their entry after the first attempt at the gym.


Once again, the only requirement is that at some point in the story, your character loses a battle at the gym. I want to give you all a lot of flexibility here, so I'm making the word limit 1,200 words. I'll also give you guys a week and a half to complete your entry. Therefore, the deadline for week 4 is Friday, September 12th at 11:59 EDT.


Good luck :)

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Finally gave up and wrote one of these. If anything it was a fun experience.



Slam. That’s the last thing I heard. I whited out before I even knew what had really happened. I stand up outside the PokeCenter in Goldenrod City and begin to vomit. It’s raining fortunately and the puke left on my black sweater rinses off cleanly. People are walking by with umbrellas and begin to stare. I make eye contact with one woman, but she hurriedly moves on. I take a couple steps, but my legs give out and I fall into a nearby puddle. I don’t know what to do and I don’t know where to go. I don’t even know what happened.


Suddenly from out of nowhere someone grabs me by the arm and lifts me up. They yell into my face, “Get up son, you look like shit!” Is it my father? I’m so confused, why did he call me son? The person’s eyes light up and he reaches for my belt, but I instinctively pull away. The person laughs and quickly reaches to his left side. From under his rich, red overcoat he pulls out what appears to be a purple metal ball. He throws it into the air, just above my head. Why did he do that? I look up curiously when suddenly the ball explodes in a flash of gold and crimson. I step back in shock as a large rock-type creature lands just inches in front of me. It roars challengingly. I take a second step back, and then another. The person continues to laugh and beckons me to fight. How am I supposed to fight that? It’s a monster. The rock creature steps forward and roars again. I stumble through a puddle and fall. Mud splashes up into my face and covers my sweater. The person laughs even harder and asks if I’ve ever even battled before. I say nothing. He grins and speaks only a few words this time… “I’ll fight you for your pokemon then, you don’t need ‘em”. Suddenly I know why he reached for my belt. I begin to feel around and I too have a metal ball, but mine is transected between red and white. There appears to be a button. I push it, but before the explosion happens I yell back to the man, “Challenge accepted.” In an instant the cloud of brilliant greens, blues, and oranges clears and bobbing before me is a seahorse like creature. It’s very small and the man laughs hysterically, until he finally yells, “Rhydon, Earthquake!” The rock-creature, presumably named Rhydon, lifts it’s giant, oversized right leg slowly. My seahorse warrior doesn’t flinch to the site of this, but instead rears its little head back and lets loose an onslaught of torrential water that made the rainstorm appear to be of a mere sprinkler. Before the giant known as Rhydon could throw his leg into the Earth it was knocked over by the wave of water that the seahorse was surging at him. This continued for some time and the man with the Rhydon was awestruck. When the beating was finally done the man looks up and speaks two words, “Just kidding?!” I then begin to laugh. I say to him, “Sorry mate, time to pay up.” The man looks as though he were contemplating running, but then he looked back at the little seahorse warrior and tossed me the purple ball that once contained that rocky monstrosity. He didn’t say anything then. He didn’t laugh. He didn’t smile. He simply turned and walked away, defeated and shamed.


I press the button on the purple ball and “Rhydon” was summoned back to it. I did the same with my little seahorse of death. A name comes back to me then, Seadra. The seahorse’s name is Seadra. After that I opened the door to the PokeCenter and everything hit me at once. I’m in Goldenrod City. I was here to win the Plain Badge from Whitney. Oh Whitney, you beautiful vixon. Then suddenly my head began to hurt and I remembered what happened. Seadra had just defeated Whitney’s Clefable after it became poisoned by one of Seadra’s sharp spines and eventually succumbed to the residual effects of its toxicity. After the Clefable was beaten, Whitney looked discouraged but still confident. Her beautiful auburn hair sparkled in the ambient light reflecting throughout the gym. She tossed out a PokeBall and from it burst a cow which she called “Miltank”. It was large and it smelled foul. You could see the shit smeared on its ass and the snot dripping from its nostrils. Seadra was my little warrior though and he had no fear, at least until Miltank began to rollout. The giant smelly cow was unbelievably fast and it ferociously rolled toward Seadra. It made impressive contact and Seadra was thrown no less than ten feet across the gym. Seadra attempted to shoot a blast of water at the cow, but the cow forced itself into Seadra once more. This time with a blow far more impressive than the first. I can’t tell you if Seadra was still able to fight, but seeing him crumpled into the wall of the gym was just too much to bear. I lunged out to grab Seadra, but before I knew it, the cow was rolling out again. I turned and in a flash everything went white.


So here I am. In this PokeCenter holding not one, but two PokeBalls. Rhydon appeared weak today, but how could that fat cow possibly hurt a mountain of rock by repeatedly smashing into it? It seemed only logical to return to Whitney’s Gym and see how that smelly Miltank could fair against my new rocky horror.


I paid the nurse in cash and winked at her as I turned back for the door. I noticed she was blushing and I contemplated asking for her name. I instead opened the door with a newfound focus. The sun was shining and reflections of the beautiful, white clouds could be seen in each and every puddle. I splashed merrily in each and when people stared at me this time they saw only joy.  


I made it to Whitney’s Gym and when I stepped inside all of the trainers shrieked. One screamed, “Oh dear lord!” And another cried out, “He’s alive?!” I wasn’t sure if they were surprised or horrified, at least until Whitney herself stepped out and asked me simply not to sue her. I promised I wouldn’t so long as she gave me a rematch. She didn’t hesitate to say yes and before I knew it the battle was commencing. For a moment I was taken aback by Whitney’s beauty. The white linen blouse she was wearing accented her blue eyes that sparkled like stars in the night sky. The sensual way she held her hand to her hip was enough to make any man go wild inside. The moment passed as quickly as it came when the smell of the cow breached my nostrils. I smiled and called out Rhydon, who roared viciously. The sound echoed across the halls of the gym and shook the windows around us.


I screamed earthquake as Whitney yelled rollout, and the match began… [/spoiler]

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A combination of PSL and a particularly horrible week of school are delaying my judging efforts a bit. I'll keep you all posted, though. In the meantime, I hope to get more entries for week 4...if I don't get any more by the deadline tomorrow, I'll have to extend it a few days so we get more entries.

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Ahh sorry guys I'm really dropping the ball here. PSL has been absorbing all of my pokemmo attention and I've been preparing for an external competition in school really hard...the brief is due tomorrow so i'll have a very welcome break starting on Tuesday. I'm gonna go ahead and bump the deadline from last Wednesday up to next Wednesday...really looking forward to some more entries!


Also expect results from the enormous "week 3" soon tm

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  • 2 weeks later...

You guys about ready for a revival?


I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in uguuia Beach right now, enjoying the beautiful view of a busy starbucks out my window. For the last few weeks I've been destroying myself preparing for a "Moot Court" competition, something I hope none of you ever have to encounter or even know what it is. We've got one last round today before hearing if we advanced to the playoffs, and every fiber of my being hopes that we get eliminated so this nightmare will finally be over.


And when I get home, I can finally give this competition the attention it deserves. Sorry for going MIA for a little while, and I'm sorry for everyone who worked really hard on their entries for week 3 only to wait several weeks for results.


Both Eggplant and Fera submitted their ratings, so as soon as I read through everything one last time and place my scores, the results will be out. Then, I'll go ahead and re-post the topic for "week 4," and this thing will be up and running again. Thanks for your patience, brahs

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