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2 minutes ago, Jordzi said:

YEEEEEEEEES! Bye bye you snakes. I can relax now. Get ****** Portugal. 


Uruguay are incredible. Absolute warriors. Never seen a striker give as much as Cavani tonight. 



Snakes why cuz England could never beat Portugal?

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15 minutes ago, MathewMat said:

Snakes why cuz England could never beat Portugal?

Pepe. Ronaldo. Mourinho. Carvalho. Figo. The list goes on. The only good thing that’s ever come out of Portugal footballwise is Deco, and even he was a nasty **** (Barca legend though). 


And I don’t care about England haha, Spain is my team. But watching Portugal cheat England out of Euro 2004 certainly had some bearing on my hatred for them. 


It’s a matter of philosophy too. The Spain way (Pep’s style) is so absolutely polar opposite to the Portugal (Jose style) that I cannot help but loath them with every fibre of my being. 

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