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[Sig] Sleepy's Graphics

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Welcome to one of the oldest shops in MMO, Thread #2. Requests currently closed


Helpful Shit Name Inc.


Must Watch

Sleepy's Sig Tutorial


Requests are closed but if you link me an extra spicy render, I just might make it for you

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your sigs are amazing, if you feel like it pls make


Text: Pidgeysaurus

Specific font you want used? something that looks good
Specific renders/images/pokemon: just text, preferably.
Any other details: Kinda make it look coppery metallic. if you add a background, please add one of those faded ones

Gif: (Optional) no need

Edited by Pidgeysaurus
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Hey hey Sleepy, I like your job, can you try one for me?~


Text: Kyosuke

Specific font you want used?: Time New Roman
Specific renders/images/pokemon: Entei
Any other details: Animation on the text if possible.~

Edited by Kyosuke
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Oh and Sleepy, when making that glowy thing u should like do this so its not so pleb when it reappears


1st frame of text

Make a new one with the text faded out (however much you want)

then tween those frames

then make a 3rd one after with the text back (100% opacity)

then tween it with the frame before


could probably do like 20-30 frames for the tweens

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whatcha mean


fuck man I'm so fucking sorry I didn't see it under the spoiler and thought that he was trying to make it and i was so confused since why the hell would he bother making it but now I saw that you made it I'm so terribly sorry I'll just need to stop talking I'm really sorry your signature is awesome you're probably beautiful too

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