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[Sig] Free signatures of Tenzeko


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Ok so I don't want to overload you so this is the last one for today.


Text : GOT GUD

Character : Golden freddy or Freddy (Five nights at fuckboys 1, 2 or 3)

Background : Sercet boss from Five nights at Fuckboys 2

Animated : Yes





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Text:[Aura]Imabetheverybest(With the fancy "U")

Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Akuma from sf

Background:What you think would make it look nice

Animated text (Yes/No):Wynaut







I'll donate 50k to ya when its done.

No thanks. My signatures are free.~

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So umm...Let's go.



Character/Pokemon/Whatever:Aggron and Forretress

Background:Something that fits it.

Anything Else?:Animated text can be good.And put blue on Text,if you can.



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Text: [PØKM] sujay.

Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Ryuga.

Background: Dark theme.

Animated text (Yes/No): Yes.








Character/Pokemon/Whatever:Muguruma Kensei(from Bleach)

Background:Anything that you think is fine

Animated text (Yes/No):No


Take your time and thanks.





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vERY THX AND awesome art dude Can u make 

my team pic

name - PokêMonster

team u know 

like all pokes

should be animated

should be large and good

and shold be mindblowing ok dude thx in advance

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