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Shokei Shoujo no uguu Road

is pretty interesting this season so far. basically takes the isekai genre and flips it. mc is a girl who works for a religious order of assassins who hunt down and kill isekais from japan to their world. turns out having random Japanese teenagers show up to your world with super power magical ability's is nto a good idea especially since they have no idea about your world and history and culture and someone ends to try to get them to fight for them and conqueror the world and turns out random kids from japan given power in a new world tend to not make good decision and go a bit crazy. assassin mc has to kill this girl whos power is to reverse time so she dies and comes back to life so mc is hanging out with her trying to prevent her from wiping out the universe while trying to find out how to kill her while japanese girl is having fun on her adventure with her new bestie. they can still fuck up the execution (kek) but the premise is gold. 


Yuusha, Yamemasu
sorta realist hero but he started out working for the "good guys" to defeat the demon army only to find out the good guys are asshole racist and join the demon army he destroyed and try to fix it up. feels a little bit woke everyone in the "good guy camps" are all the same ethnicity and racist and hates poeple who are different while the demon lords army is "evil" because..........they have a lot of different races? beastfolk, demons, elfs, humans, ect ect sorta bit of everything fantasy. interesting concept much less sure they are going to do it well but so far its ok bit slow  so far trying to figure out and rebuild the administration and logistics and such of the demon army. 

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On 3/10/2022 at 10:47 PM, Emlee said:

hi jerkface


You'd like 86 ("season" 2 is almost done airing)

Kaguya-sama starts again in a month (did you watch the other seasons?, if not then go back and watch them)

There was more Yuuki Yuuna last season also (did you miss it?)

Otherwise Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru is popular, but I haven't started yet. 


devilman crybaby



Nah I missed Yuuki Yuuna no way

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Spy X Family >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



Also, in case someone didn't see this bomb waiting to explode:




Hunter X Hunter anime should be back soon!

Well, to be honest, I don't know what to expect or no.

Let's see how it goes!


If you want to understand more about who is behind this Twitter account, you can easily find informations everywhere around the internet.



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Currently watching the 3rd season of love is war aswell as many of the other seasonal anime airing right now. As someone caught up with the love is war manga seeing the chapters animated true to the source material is a blessing and praying for a 4th season.

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Posted (edited)

"Please, Kurosaki Ichigo, save the Soul Society.... "



Apparently, they will add more scenes in the anime, which is perfect due to the final rush that Kubo did in this arc.




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14 hours ago, fredrichnietze said:

why do you enjoy it? what makes it worth watching? haven not seen 

Two positives to me:






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Suara does good music,  but this season is the adaption of the best of the current 3 games, they completely blew season 2 but I have high hopes for 3, its cut a lot out but its been good so far.

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Watched One Piece Red on Sunday, and let's be honest, it's a good movie.

Well, I was already fan of Ado (the singer for the character "Uta").

I felt like watching one of my favorite singers, but in another universe. X)


Alsooo, the movie should be fine for people not following the anime&manga One Piece.

But maybe someone reading the manga can confirm it for me? Because I'm anime-only on One Piece. :c

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