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Favorite games to play & future games to be Hyped for

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What is your favorite game to play can be anything from random arcade games to sport games to shooters to even this game and do you prefer playing alone/social or groups/competitive ?


and if you do like to play competitively what is your favorite competitive game to play mobas , shooters , fighters ,mmo's (example , Call of duty , League of legends , Starcraft , Gears of war , Counter strike , Battlefield, Speedruns , Street fighter , Smash , Mvc3, WoW etc.)


Can also be something like board/card games or etc !



Also is there anything you are hyped up for to play in the future?




Sorry if I miss wrote anything I am mainly french : ) and curious on what the Pokemon community likes to play besides PokeMMO : ) .

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Favorite game to play (non competitive): Any games in the soulsborne series.


Favorite game to play competitively: Super Smash Bros. Melee, and PM. Waiting for Overwatch competitive mode.


Favorite Card Game: Magic: The Gathering


Game I am hyped for: No Man's Sky. Too bad it was delayed.

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2 hours ago, Champlooo said:

how tf do you casually break iPads


also hype af


last time, I accidentally destroyed the charger port when i went to pick it up while i forgot it was on charge


this time I threw it on the bed, it bounced off and hit the floor and something fell out of place inside the ipad. was too used to it landing on carpet at home and it being fine but the tiling killed it. so now it only shows a black screen, though the screen still lights up and i can still connect it to a PC just fine.

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