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Stupid people can't play this game



Hey, game devolopers; you know a game must be playable by everyone. And it is a turn based game. So read this carefuly:

I didnt take map. I got lost. I gone to Rock Tunnel without flash. I decided to go back and take flash bcause i will take it one day. With flash i was only able to see 3 blocks futher maybe bcause of low happiness or using with other players pokemon. I watched video which is showing full illumination and i collected all items. I gone to Pokemon Tower than Morawak said "be gone intruders" than i go back from Rock Tunnel, took map, watched some videos, than passed Rock Tunnel again and go to other city with gameCorner by a really hard to find tunnel. Than took Sliph Scope, than go pokemon tower, than take flute, than runaway to Poison GM; bought a pokemon and beat the GM.


Game is too confusing for children and morons. We must not be able to leave Pallet without taking map. NPCs blocking the way must tell us where do we have to go and how. NPCs that blocking roads may help to us and tell what we have to do.

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Hey so I am going to close this as I believe this thread has gone way off course and there is clearly not going to be a sensible conversation to be had from this topic.


I recommend the following:


Kanto Walkthrough:



Hoenn Walkthrough:



^ These are personally what I use but there are also two very high quality walkthroughs in the guide tavern specific to PokeMMO. 

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