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[PSL 6] Week Seven

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8 minutes ago, fredrichnietze said:


this is not ok. it's in the rules and has always been in the rules. stop being a uguu.


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@DoubleJ biased host?







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kidding i love you but could you pls chime in


If this were earlier in the season, if you didn't win, and/or if the match truly affected the standings, I would have provided some disciplinary action but unfortunately this is the last week of the season, you won easily, and your match sadly didn't matter much. So with that said, @Kanzo stfu during matches or get compared to @BurntZebra



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Something, something Zeb bragging about being top at mid-season something something





Cuboned are going to playoffs baby, against the natural disasters, a team full of dropouts, biased hosting, mass RNG from the Wynauts, against all the odds


we are still better than half the teams this PSL. Get fkin rekt

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