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Battle Frontier Guide

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Battle Frontier Guide






1 - Boat from Slateport City

2 - PokeCenter and PokeMart

3 - Artisan Cave Access

4 - BattlePoints Shop

5 - Hall of Fame

6 - NPC Trade (Skitty to get Meowth)

7 - Scott room

8 - Useless and overpriced tutor room.


u - Useless


RED : Not implemented yet

YELLOW : Battle Factory

BLUE : Battle Tower

BROWN : Battle Arena

PINK : Battle Palace


Main Clauses :

Unique Pokemon

Unique Item


Banned Pokemon :



And some non-implemented pokemon.


BattlePoints Shop :



Secret Base Items Shop



Secret Base Items Shop



Special moves tutor



Vitamins Shop (275Bp each)



PvP Item Shop


Hall of Fame :




Battle Tower :


Every time you finish a 7 win streak, you get BPs. I will admit the amount you get is random between the 2/3 possibilities is random.

Atm, I'm farming to make sure the BP amount doesnt depend on the times a poke of your team faint.

Winstreak - Bp Earned :

1-7 : 375

8-14 : 450 or 475

15-21 : 650 or 675

22-28 :  800 or 875

29-35 : 1000

36-42 : 1300 or 1350

43-49 : 1500 or 1750

50+ :  1950 or 2050 or 2100

After 50, you also get ribbons on every pokemon you used. You can get one ribbon from level 50, and another from level 100 battles.


3v3 Single mode :


Here is just standard trainer single battle, 3v3.


4v4 Double mode :


Here is just standard trainer double battle, 4v4.


4v4 Link Double with NPC :




4v4 Link Double with Player :


Just like the 4v4 Double mode, but you need another player, linked, to battle with you. Each player take 2 pokemons.

The clauses are global, so make sure you are not using the same poke/items as your mate.


Battle Factory :




Battle Arena :




Battle Palace :




Artisan cave :


No storyline here, but you will find some items, hidden items, and 100% smeargle encounters.

You must beat the sudowoodoo ("3" on the map), using the wailmer pail to unlock the access to the cave.


Scott room :


Here you can get some extra BP (1000 iirc ? Need confirm from someone who never took it) and, after you get some ribbons, secret base item (Need confirm aswell, I know I got something, never tried to do my own secret base tho)


PokeMart :



TMs are :

Calm Mind


Brick Break

Focus Punch

Shadow Ball





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Can someone give some advices wich team is good in BF? I want to see the legendaries for the dex.


I'm trying out right now: Milotic, Dusclops, Chansey, Ferrethorn. Trying to fight out the best 3.

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scott gives 10bp from story when you talk to him in that house.


Also the very first time the boat is located in lilycove city.After that the boat is either in lilycove or slateport depending on were u used it last time while exploring the sstidal.

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On 8/6/2021 at 1:38 PM, polyphon said:

I'm using this team. Milotic, Dusclops, Chansey. Can anyone recommend a better team for the BF?

its a good team but havent seen any pokemons for attacking the foe,the most of your team its a walls pokemons that doesnt mean that its not good but it will take a time from you to win a battle in my opinion.

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