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Update Discussion thread 27/2/18


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10 minutes ago, Zymogen said:

nah this is fucking dumb. it's going to cost everyone so much money and time to rebreed all of their hp comps just because of this stupid update


probably just an easy way around justifying having shit HP-less tournament prizes for so long right? at least people can change them now? jesus fuck

No, its more to be in line with the newer gen mechanics where bottle caps exist and you can run full 31 hp whatever pokemon if you want.

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wow I never really understood why regenerator was being temporarily removed, I think I accidentally used that bug a couple times in my favor (I was using u-turn lifeorb mienshao, and sometimes it felt strange that should've died but instead lived with 0.3% hp or something).


seems a pretty good update overall (I was expecting HAs or prankster fix but whatever).

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1 minute ago, Tyrone said:


read patch notes, apparently you need 20 mysterious gems obtained from phenomena (new game mechanic)

Nah, you need 4 mysterious gems, which convert into 20 type gems(5 each), you use 20 of the type gems of the hidden power typing that you want to get that type of hidden power.

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