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[sig] one of the thousand signature shops on pokemmo

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On 4/4/2020 at 11:19 PM, WesleySafadaooo said:

Hey man!
I'm trying to do my own signature (I could pay you, but I like to try and learn new things on Photoshop XD). So my problem is: I couldn't find high quality particles, to make a gif. Where you find those?

google,. Particles *specific color* gif
Make sure your file size is atleast 250+ resolution


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1 hour ago, Spxter said:

so  @pikabuuh suprised me and gift me a signature from you -  very appreciate that. also thanks to you @Fixedgaming they look really amazing!!


  sadly cant link them from phone somehow, but i will use them soon as my signature.  thanks again! -  can only recommend 10 / 10 



Glad you like it !


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