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Seeking weekly berry seed dealer

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Hi there!


I am in the process of starting up my own berry farm and I write this with the hopes of finding a potential permanent seed dealer to fill my needs on a weekly basis.

I'm starting out on just one character so the weekly payment would be around 3.1m but I may expand later on to a second character.


Following is the list of seeds I need each week as well as the payment I myself wrote up, this being the case I am open to discussing the cost in detail via my discord: Trainer Ike#5116


Plain Spicy 126 - 94,500

Plain Dry 126 - 94,500

Plain sweet 672 - 739,200

Plain Sour 84 - 84,000

Plain Bitter 672 - 739,200


Very Spicy 672 - 1,243,200

Very Dry 42 - 73,500

Very Sweet 42 - 54,600

Very Sour 42 - 73,500

Very Bitter 42 - 50,400


If you're interested, feel free to add me on discord. I'm European so I'm around virtually at all times that are appropriate for someone on that side of the planet.

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