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  2. Oh well, just an idea. Your views are probably right
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  4. IGN: Wallarro Motivation: I have always wanted to be manager of an event of this level and I had the opportunity to direct Venezuela in the last World Cup and in my opinion we did a good performance we did not get the trophy but we defeated the biggest ones and with that it seems good to me. I am a very good motivating agent, I celebrate your victories even if it is minimal and your defeats will not bother me unless you did not want to compete. I am active. I'm quite competitive, I've won a few tournaments and I've been in this kind of competition. I'm a good person, we'll get along. #WrathBan #SweetNoob #Latiosismyfan
  5. 活动结果 第一名:jiatian 第二名:mmmsw 第三名:zaochuanyuan 非酋奖:shixiaoliua
  6. 公会名称:ycbl 公会会长 ayuyublblycbl 时间:12月10日北京时间:20.30~21.00 提交时间21:00~21:15 地点:丰源狩猎区 有效精灵:火球鼠 加分项:内敛+2 特攻v速度v+2 攻击不加分‘ 母体+3 评分:个体值总和 其余v加1 规则 要赢得从高到低排名的第1-5名, 需要提交一只总成绩最高的精灵宝可梦,非酋奖取宝可梦个体值最低的获得非酋奖(按抓捕时间为准,最早的获得非酋奖) 所有精灵宝可梦必须在规定活动时间以及指定的活动地点之内抓到, 你有0.5小时的抓捕时间 所有精灵宝可梦必须保持原样 (未训练、未进化等) 你必须是精灵宝可梦的原训练家 你只能提交一只参赛精灵宝可梦 提交时,只能提交一只,并且提交时不可在群内发图片,只能通过规则判断自己成绩,然后把唯一提交的一只成绩发给主持人,随意发图片者,将剥夺参赛资格 平局情况下, 最先抓到的胜出 主持人:xiaotianlaog 奖品 第一名:头目闪光质子 第二名:5只鬼盆栽百变 第三名:3只鬼盆栽百变 非酋奖:头目鬼盆栽一只
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