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  2. can I offer vampire fangs for it?
  3. https://www.mediafire.com/file/kv407kdox40sggm/ABDG_%28A_Better_Default_Gui%29_v1.2.zip/file背包bug可以修复一下?
  4. What was the reason of the ban ???
  5. 请严格按照模板修改标题与内容。
  6. Today
  7. 等主题作者更新,或者你自己更新!再或者找人帮忙更新 如果需要找人帮忙的话,你可以寻求 @Thekingofglory的帮助
  8. It is really useful. thx for ur sharing.
  9. first off, CONGRATULATIONS @Genka , do you still need phanphy and skamory? i have them from 2012. offer me price i only want pokeyen no trading. im only selling skarmory and phanphy Here are some pokes from 2012 that you havent seen them @Juaske they do exist just to show a few,
  10. I'm selling Cyndaquil Shiny, the best current offer is 90m. I await other offers
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