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  2. Yea i might know two guys named Scott and Subzi who post some cool and weird sets in pvp....(shameless plug)...this one is banded shao and AV future sight reuni. We got more on the way too 🙂
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  4. The idea is you lose the 5x31 when you finish the quest, so we are removing a ton of x31 pokemon from the game and increasing the value of each breeder. If every player is trying to breed for the quest, the price of those 5x31 female will be high and there won't be enough on the market for every player to buy. This also doesn't take into account the random nature & egg move requirement: If using my example, I need a Hardy Mudkip with Yawn - what are the chances there will be a Male Slowpoke/Wooper with the correct IV's + Hardy nature and a 5x31 Female Mudkip already on GTL? Logged in to check and there are no Slowpoke or Mudkip that would allow me to finish this quest in 1 breed, so it would take a few extra steps & I would spend more on the braces/everstones
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  6. A rare shiny as a catch event price, I don't know how good it would be, since these are usually prizes from important pvp tournaments, but more variety when doing catch events is a good idea,like wild magikarps in resort area (lvl1-100) ,+1 points for each 10 lvls (10=1,20=2...)
  7. Im not even gonna cap this point system is ass. if a team pulls a pidgey(very common/common) its worth 5 points. And if someone pulls A Riolu in the wild at RARE rarity, its worth 7 points. So following that logic, 3 pidgey is 15 points while 2 rare wild riolu are 14 points? okay riolu is a hard pokemon to hunt and no ones gonna pull it unless its safari or eggs now a days sure. so heres a better example 3 pidgey(5+5+5)= 15 points 1 Absol(7) and 1 scyther(7) =14 points Makes 0 sense and makes singles for rares not worth it at all
  8. Congratulations to the winners! 1st Place Grimzyy 175 points - 10:50:04 PM UTC  2nd Place SmiigZ 172 points - 10:20:55 PM UTC 3rd Place Crombrax 171 points - 10:13:59 PM UTC 4th Place Craven 21 points - 10:18:25 PM UTC And thanks to my refs! @Cosmooth@Shionra@JDteufel@Revz@Dawn@Enzo@Tsiy@BielMSq@Matsui
  9. aside from the spark on p2 which I want to believe is just a translation error, can you explain why do you never prioritize 31 speed which is the most important stat? Why is your conkel 0 speed and your dragonite brave with 14 speed... why does rotom have 0 atk, which is honestly a luxury and 99.8% of the time not relevant, but no 31 speed.. nor 31s in the stats you are investing
  10. just a heads up, its not a money sink, money will just change hands, well technically you sink a tiny bit on braces and choosing gender, but thats about it. You can just buy said pokemon from gtl and it stops being a money sink, or even buy 1 5iv female, and a natured 4iv male from someone and then its just like at most ans being very optimistically a 40k money sink
  11. kindle road would be the location where u have to catch geodude or graveler. the bonus points isnt for any specific nature but instead it holding a fossil (since they cant equip them without it being held when caught) still have ivs be the main goal and the prize could be a shiny kanto fossil pokemon of the winners choice
  12. Spark Porygon2? I think you would be best served with Discharge. Also, brave dragonite isn't great, nor is a Roost nite here since everyone has 2-3 dragon answers and roost is 8 PP. I'd recomend an Adamant Build with Fire Punch replacing roost, or if you want to be more wild, an Naive Build with Flamethrower + Dragon Dance + Dragon Claw + Extreme Speed, so Skarmory and Ferrothorn can't enter for free on your nite.
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