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  1. + 1 to official auctions for items /pokes. No to removing all pokes from gtl. - I dont want to lose the convenience of being able to sell whilst im offline or buy from someone who is offline. I do like how auctions bring people together tho.
  2. When getting money from these becomes more efficient for everyone then money itself will gradually lose value because we dont value what we can easily get (The fact that the most encountered shiny pokemon became the cheapest to buy isnt a coincidence). What you actually need is for the value of your single gym fight to increase so that your money is worth more and the only way of doing that is by making gyms(/npcs) harder, less accessible and or adding more risk to doing them. Making gyms more accessible will only force you to grind more in the long run because of inflation. Gyms make up a big part of many people's money making strats and so if they nerf that they reduce the influx of cash into the game and people will start to value what little money they actually have. I know people will fight aganist these points because they want a quicker influx of cash and or dont care about the long term implications because they have their money invested in items or rps etcs which wont get wrecked by inflation as much as ingame cash. My advice to you would be to add npcs fights to your gym runs to get more money per hour or find other ways of making and forget about making gyms more accessible. Improve your own money making but not everyones money making xd.
  3. A GTM that causes vibration on trigger ?
  4. Allow players to interact with their pokemon followers in the overworld. It could be in the form of triggered pokemon animations. (E.g zard could breathe fire or a flying type could temporarily fly higher than usual)
  5. Allow the players to use berries among other items to craft custom pokeballs with limited stats determined by the player. The crafting mechanic could have modifiers for higher catch rates costing more money and more rare items. Could be useful for shiny hunters or any other farmers who want to modify a pokeball's stats to suite their hunt. Custom pokeballs would allow the player to catch pokemon faster but at a significantly greater cost, which would be a welcome feature for people who want to participate in catch events but don't have the time to stay the full event.
  6. What i like most about Halloween is how the community comes together to actively farm the hell out of the event. Its also interesting to note the people calling out Halloween locs usually end up joining the staff team.
  7. If the servers were always full and if you didnt want to risk spending more time in the queue to get back in the game then yes this suggetion would get +1 from me.
  8. This would be cool if it adds some more fun gameplay. I personally always hoped we would go back to the North pole again but that doesnt seem likely.
  9. can't believe they did this is too op xd
  10. Reveal location on the map. Like an icon of the person's face
  11. The shiny vanities would have a different color scheme just like how there is a normal naim hood and a shiny version. They could add this for normal vanity items in the game like team rocket suit or any other item you can buy from the local marts. This suggestion would only apply to vanities which you cant change color. The vanity item would have a specific drop rate from the mart and would only be active if you already have the item you purchased in your bag. This is just a fun mechanic that vanity item collectors mighty enjoy and also provides a money sink for them which is pretty much always active all year round at the same price.
  12. Thats exactly right some things can be unlocked through grinding for money and some things cannot be unlocked that way. Take randoms pvp cosmetics for example no amount of grinding for cash will make the game reward you those cosmetics. The majority of people who play to collect cosmetics don't want to pvp, they just want cosmetics, but the only way they will ever get the randoms cosmetics is to grind pvp. So yea that is how pokemmo works not all grinding can be bypassed by having cash and HAs being implemented as such is not new. No one will stop you from wanting a lot of alphas but the system will punish you (by hurting your wallet) for using alphas in a way they werent meant to be used.
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