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  1. You could probably add where to change fonts for global/trade/channel chats as well. You can also change how teammates and friend fonts appear in the overworld as well.
  2. If your shop is trash its not going to get recognition anyway. The current system is perfect as it is -> trades ( shops/services/"random threads") which are more active -> have more recent posts appear first. If a trade post isn't getting any activity well then it doesn't deserve to be seen and they shouldn't create a subforums to promote it. The situation is even worse if its a shop cause that essentially means your posting a whole bunch of items that not one wants. And if a trade post isnt active there's only one place it belongs and thats in the trash.
  3. If they make the boost stack with the donator status boost then that would be great. An item like this would probably be implemented in the same way they did shiny charms and those kind of charms get expensive really fast and would end up costing you millions anyway. So it wouldn't be worth it in the end.
  4. I see what you did there wink wink. This would go well with a microphone (hand held item).
  5. They made those vanities untradeable because they were meant to be a reward for completing the events they were released in and not for making profit. It is for this reason they probably wont make them tradeable. However it wouldnt be a bad idea to make them tradeable because this would allow players who werent playing at the time to get them and it would add to the life span of the vanity item without adding anymore of them to the game. (i.e the vanities won't die out when people who originally got them stop playing) I bet if they made them tradeable they would just be an addition of nice vanities for people to grind for. Rn time machines arent real xd so the devs can help us out by making these vanities tradeable.
  6. Meanwhile someone else is going on + 6 months of shunting without a shiny xd.
  7. Add stats for the most common pokemon switch ins for pvp. It would record the most common switch in vs a poke e.g if some uses volcarona what mon does the opponent usualy switch to. They could have a percentage for atleast the top 20 switche ins.
  8. The most important thing you need to do is to develop your team identity. -> play to the strengths of your team. E.g you're mostly a chinese - english team so you should target recruiting chat traders i.e people who would value having friends who know both English and Chinese. Then from there you can branch off to recruiting people interested with chinese -english culture lifestyle or whatever it is you value. Ofc youre gonna need people to help you recruit and its always helps to have famous players(streamers staff vanity hoarders) join your team they make excellent walking ads xd You could hold unofficial events (fashion contests would be great for ya ) or joint events with other teams to help your team become popular.
  9. They should allow this after all theres a whole casion with fully functioning slot machines in kanto xd. In fact the whole game is somewhat gamble: -> you wanna shiny hunt ( rolling that 1/30 k dice baby) -> pvp (crits misses scald burns flinches you name it -every time you pvp youre betting you're will be on the right side of chance) These are some of the things that most like about the game so i dont see why they shouldnt add money betting to pvp.
  10. ....the story is so easy someone was able beat the e4 using only piplup xD
  11. There's def some positives to this idea. People can use it to somewhat turn gift mons (from story or friends) into pokes that are more efficient for daily use be it pay-daying, npc rebattles or even pvp without rebreeding. The ability to do this while maintaining OT and obtained date would be quite invaluable for pokemon with sentimental value. The only negative is that such an item could easily crush the breeding market if implemented incorrectly.
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