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  1. Authoritarian rule lmao
  2. The zoroark ability is currently bugged and the fix "is not yet implemented" try again in 2025 maybe. We are still awaiting multiple bug fixes Also please include an english translation to your post for transparency ♡ i dont even know whay you said, but i see a zoroark on screen and have guessed the issue at hand
  3. 1 year ban is even pretty extreme in this situation if its his first offence. Imho 3 days should be more than enough. 7 days if you want to send a message... But to a person whos clearly impacted the community so greatly.....perma ban is the extreme level of punishment Especially when you have members sitting on your PvP tier council, that have been punished on the same offence for less. This is almost Xi Jinping levels of execution ngl
  4. Cant agree more with all of this. And theyve even put a sincere effort into not only adding, but improving the bike vanities. First the sleigh, then the ghost rider bike (GG) and then the icing on the cake, a dragon mount. Those are more fire than the fire bikes ffs Id love to see a lapras bike. Just sayin But overall the effort those two, Darkshade and Rache, put into these vanities is top tier. Their efforts should be appreciated, and not shit on like this. While we do ask for more, the hand will always be out there to recieve.... we should appreciate what we have and be respectful to the hands/minds that made that happen. Our vanities are abundant and have an incredible variety when you compare whats available here....and what you get to wear in the vanilla games (nothing) Dont disrespect the hands that feed you
  5. To my knowledge, if your cousin gets banned, it shouldnt also be on you, and vice-versa. You each act on your own accord and the offences will occur on an account>IP basis, depending on the severity. If your "cousin" is botting though.....yeah id change your wifi password if thats the current issue
  6. But it would, add to the server capacity. Which is already an ongoing issue as it is. Just going to an alpha can jump you from ch.2 (gang) to say, an alpha eevee or ditto, can easily jump you into server 75 or more. And they are already addressing said issues by purchasing server capacities in other countries that need it. We have a player from afghan that literally has a ping of 110k while we all sit at 70-200 lol its insane. But they are at least improving in this field, and adding a whole new vanilla server would only compound said issue. Im with @Michelle if thats what truly makes you happy, the vanilla GBA rom downloads are where you should be. This is a MMO and the changes that have been made better suit an economy for online competition and play style. Not saying theres no room for growth...but it absolutely doesnt need to take a step back. In fact, we want a few steps or even a leap, forward
  7. Yeah the whole thing has my mind boggled. Unless rache or bear comes in here and is all "this is the 15th time weve caught you doing this and...etc etc...etc.." a perma ban seems way off the wall. It also makes me feel very fortunate that i have not endured the same consequemces cause dayum. Ive had a few too many drinkypoos and woke up to a temp ban hammer a few times in my career now. Maybe theres a new judge on the stand and we should all watch our heads lol #JusticeForArt
  8. Whaaaaaat? That never happens. Crazy talk lmao
  9. Yeah its definitely a strange situation. For one side....match throwing is definitely an infamous issue in our already broken PvP world, and its "nice" to see that they are acting on it....however on the flip side, like the other posts behind us, its very funny how the chinese side seems to get away with murder. As a "first offence" (i put that in quotes, due to not knowing Arts ban history, mine isnt much better tbh lol) but its crazy that a permanent ban is taking place. hopefully that can be appealed and they can both come back to the community. I dont know either party personally but my heart goes out to them #FreeArt
  10. Please include an english translation in your post. Putting the title in english doesnt help Also, percentage*
  11. Do you have an example on how they could have been done better? Is the average price of these vanities inflating the value here? Sure the most recent vanities havent exactly skyrocketed in price, simply because theres a much larger player base that understands now, that "investing" in these is a great opportunity in later years, and we are all waiting eachother out to increase their rarity....but imo the vanities have gotten much more intricate, with customizable colours, and addition animations that none of the older vanities have really. So is it "pokemmo nostalgia" thats fueling this distaste, or are they actually just shit
  12. Nah this is definitely a bug, it has been confirmed and will be fixed "SoonTM" We dont know when that will actually happen because staff and devs provide zero/nil information about literally anything you wish to hear about Stay tuned and keep donating or whatever. Hope for the best
  13. No. I play pokemmo because its where the "hardened pros" come to get learnt. The game is built difficult on purpose, and thats what attracts the majority of the player base. HOWEVER *cough cough* There are many bugs that need addressing. So i would, in fact, jump to a server where those bigs are fixed *cough. Cough.*
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