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  1. The game really really really dislikes you tabbing out to other things. I am 99% a mobile user due to work and children. In my experience, if you tab out for more than 2 minutes, you will return disconnected. Close game. Reload game. When it asks to continue session select "yes" or you will be locked out of sweet scent for 10 minutes
  2. Your link is broken, however as long as youre at a horde; i want to say, Yes.
  3. Krookodile Gyarados Honchkrow Mightyena Salamence Pinsir Heracross Scrafty Take any combo of these 6, and ensure they all have moxie. It will be impossible to lose once you set up a sweep
  4. I just wanted to reserve one too Good luck you buncha beautiful artists!!! *this art was stolen by CanadaSorry*
  5. Youre all good. My major "beef" with this subject at hand in particular, is that staff get held to some order of degree higher than what they intended. Like we ask for communication and we ask for things like johto, and staff try to communicate by saying "we are working on adding a new region soon" and the community goes full on "telephone game" and go "OmG KYU himself said JoHtOmoRrOw" and in 1 month johto will be released." Which they never do. Even the events we KNOW release on ceartain days....aka...halloween....every year someone tries to post the "hot and trending thread" to be the coolest one to predict the launch of the event. We all know it will be released oct.30th but we also pretend to have the "inside scoop" and "maybe this year is different". Tomato tomahto. What happens, happens. What doesnt, simply doesnt. Today is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is our present. People need to touch some grass amd just enjoy the present instead of wishing for changes they will soon find out they dont want. No official date has ever been announced #ripdratini
  6. Well.....i mean.. june...but i guess thats only 5 months away, and thats only 1 month away from christmas. Which is basically the start of the new year, so i guess we just shouldnt have had one in the first place
  7. Welcome, You must be new here :] you'll catch on soon enough
  8. Confirmation bias runs strong in this one
  9. It was never said to be "after halloween, but before christmas" What we have, is simply a factor of the "telephone game". It was simply stated as shown above. Not before halloween. Kenjim can add "but before christmas" all he wants. It does not make it true. It can release in april as originally intended, and they would still be true to their word Better idea: enjoy the game and content that we already have, and appreciate this game while youre still in the "before times". It seems this new feature will be a decent game changer. Enjoy your glory days or go roll around in some grass for a few weeks
  10. These are the most recent "updates" on an "ETA" and why an accurate ETA probably wont be given until momemts before it happens if we are lucky
  11. ITS PIKACHU!!!!!!!! F*********** https://youtu.be/IfQumd_o0Gk?si=lFykee-Pgm_-bn18
  12. I will never forget starting off my shiny hunting career with the coveted shiny magikarp. Back when it was my target, we were still allowed to abuse baton pass to share stat changes. I was sweeping the elite 4 with just a ninjask and magikarp with flail. So getting the shiny karp was intended to be a mad flex on the NPC I did this before sinnoh was added, and there was no horde for the karp. Many locations to find it. Just no hordes. Logically i defaulted to sootopolis. 100% karps. It was literally just a matter of time and patience. Floated in that damn lake for weeks and weeks. Finally. One day before starting work, i got it. WOOO!!!! But of course....the story cant end just like that......A few weeks later, we had baton pass ripped out of our hands, and sinnoh was added. So of course, hordes changed, magikarp recieved multiple horde locations. I was somewhat annoyed but still pretty happy i got my shiny. I bred a non shiny 6x0 and 6x31, levelled those to 100, then when attemtping the shiny karp, i accidentally let it evolve at lv.92 Had to rebreed it to make it karp again and then level it to 100 once more. Needless to say, everything about that hunt was a struggle. The overall goal was not accomplished, since it would no longer be useful on the elite 4, the hunt became significantly easier with all the new hordes, but at the end of the day, im still happy i did it, and its a nice story about the typical "luck" i usually have. If not for bad luck, i wouldnt have any luck at all sometimes 🤣🤣
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