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  1. Really appreciate all the good discussion. It might be good to share how players prepare for Dugtrio, knowing that it can have such an impact. For example, older metas meant if you ran Blissey, you had to run Shed Shell to prevent being trapped. Are we running shed shell and/or counter play?
  2. It's already "very little used in OU" and unfortunately it would likely still be able to achieve what it does with 100 base attack.
  3. We're going to focus on Dugtrio rather than Arena Trap (AT) in this case. Diglett is arguably a better Endeavor user with less HP and yet it gets little to no play. The only OHKO Diglett can achieve is Magnezone and it runs the risk of being outsped by Choice Scarf. Too soon to argue for a blanket AT ban.
  4. In my assessment, Dugtrio is just more versatile than even a couple months ago which warrants further conversation. Players are recognizing that Endeavor is a dank move and can cripple common checks that usually capitalize on Dugtrio's weaknesses (think Gyarados and Dragonite). Swords Dance, while rare, is also an outstanding option that can turn it into a sweeper if played right and with adequate support.
  5. What is this? Well once again, everyone's favorite Pokemon to abuse has come up for discussion. This thread will allow for players and community members the opportunity to debate whether Dugtrio meets any of our ban criteria for the Over Used (OU) tier. What to know? Dugtrio is an enigma. Rarely used (~5-6%) but often mentioned as the root of all evil. Pairing Arena Trap with an extended movepool (thanks DLC...) it has even more options to break down opposing teams. Previously seen as a revenge killer or support, it now is used as an ace for many teams and well supported by Espeon with Magic Bounce and the various Defog and Rapid Spin users we now have access to. Simply put, slap a Focus Sash on this mole(s?) and tell it do work with any combination of moves. More often than not you'll be in a favorable position, as it currently has a 55% win rate in match making. We know the sets, we know the damage rolls, we know the issue. Please discuss (again).
  6. We do our job every day fam. Sometimes telling the community you're being silly is the most important part kek. But on a more serious note, there's some convo brewing and one of the members who voted against Dug is no longer here and has been replaced. So I assume that's grounds enough to kick off another round of "Dugtrio bad!" for the nth time.
  7. I do agree that Dugtrio should be revisited but the vote and final decision only ended 2 months ago. Give it some time, at least a full season. Regarding Yanmega, it's probably too good for NU. TC will let y'all know what we plan to do.
  8. Cool new tier, you'd like it
  9. After careful thought and discussion, Entei will remain in UU and will not be banned to BL1. The TC voted unanimously on this decision. @Munya you may now close this thread, thank you.
  10. I think he's nervous now.
  11. Bulk is great. Hax is bleh. Do we need to move Entei to BL?
  12. What do you fear? This is a high usage month and these moves look very stable and balanced (and nothing significantly different than what we've seen before).
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