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  1. Ya the data is weak with all the drops happening at different times. We gotta think beyond the numbers just a bit.
  2. I had voted to keep it NU when it had mediocre usage, but now it's settled itself. I agree that it should rise. All eyes on Sharpedo now.
  3. Sorry for the disturbance in the force y'all. But good discussion. I think we have more tools to handle both and often adding more chaos amid chaos is better than trying to drop it in something set in stone. Although the calcs shown are still quite impressive. Heatran when?!
  4. Wrath is the epitome of stopping set up physical offense from water/dark. Water Absorb. Circle Throw. Scald. Stab Priority (Vacuum Wave).
  5. With the HA drops and the addition of Assault Vest, is there any thought to bringing back Draco Meteor on Hydreigon? I still feel Swords Dance Garchomp is just a nuke that has no answer but Draco might be possible to reintroduce. Thoughts?
  6. Seems discussion has cooled and one thought is that these abilities are just not viable in the presence of their opposing HA's. If they stayed, we might see the occasional hax player, but what harm is that?
  7. Really appreciate the discussion here and that it even looks somewhat chill for the most part. We agree, removing something all willy nilly is a negative but there has been so much indirect discussion around this already we felt it imperative to open a true thread and answer this question once and for all, and that question being should evasion boosting abilities and moves be banned. Looking forward to further chat on this.
  8. Evasion Clause: Moves which raise Evasion will have no effect. BrightPowder and Lax Incense cannot be used. Why should a move be banned, when an ability (or multiple abilities) exist which do the very same thing? Should we consider unbanning Lax Incense and BrightPowder, and nerfing Minimize and other similar moves to cap at one evasion boost? Or, does it make more sense to simply ban all evasion, such as Sand Veil and Snow Cloak, to make for a much more competitive and enjoyable game? What would this involve? Disable the evasion boosting effect of Sand Veil (ability) Disable the evasion boosting effect of Snow Cloak (ability) Disable the evasion boosting effect of Moody (ability, future) Disable the evasion boosting effect of Accupressure (move) Disable the evasion boosting effect of Contrary (ability) How would this benefit the game? For one, evasion is not a guarantee and is an RNG-reliant mechanic. With that in mind, it is not competitive and using this can create an unfair advantage. Some abilities (Snow Cloak on Froslass) are even more dangerous because they have no negative implication on the user, unlike an item or move which takes away the opportunity to use better items or other moves. What are the negatives of expanding evasion clause? This would be against "vanilla" gaming mechanics, which means we are altering the game and it is becoming less "canon." What are you thoughts? Please discuss.
  9. Atlewis vs DoubleJ tentatively planned for Sunday at 9am PDT
  10. Don't forget Eviolite Growlithe brah
  11. I kinda like having a good special threat cruising around. It's really forced some changes and I'm hoping folks continue to adapt/changes are made soon to lessen its impact in the tier. Access to HA's aren't really something we can control and is something that will gradually become less of a problem over time. If you think this is nutty, you should have been around during CatchMMO when a random viable catch with good iv's, nature, and ability meant at least one tournament win if you weren't terrible.
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