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  1. I bet those AV users are running Swords Dance over Bulk Up. Get rekt @pachima I'm bad.
  2. Gallade Strengths: no counters, 2hko's entire meta with 4 moves, good defensive typing, great spdef, good wallbreaking speed Weak points: poor def, susceptible to pursuit (Staraptor maybe?), speed is not favorable when facing offense, no recovery, susceptible to chip damage Potential sets: Doesn't need much other than 4 moves and a life orb or scarf, swords dance is just greedy but likely effective with AV Impact: Best wallbreaker ever introduced; leads to a more offensive meta, which has been the natural transition of mmo; opponents rely on faster threats to beat it or trick plays like a hidden focus sash or berry. Early usage isn't really good to look at. Usage including win percentage might be helpful after a month or two. Easy. Please discuss.
  3. Hey I won a doubles tournament with Venu+Zam combo. Shout out @PinkWings #masters
  4. @pachima my old friend, there you are. Appreciate the understanding. Understandably, folks see a monster that can beat any switch-in with it's boosted perfect coverage, using all 4 attacks, and want it removed. Conkeldurr, Garchomp, and Reuniclus were all fine. Now we're seeing a faster variant with little to no physical defense, but pretty solid special defense. I'm excited to see the meta change and adapt, or at worse, be pretty bad.
  5. Gallade is a match-up nightmare. With our current options, we really have no safe switch-ins. Even a simple Life Orb + 4-Attack set (Shadow Sneak, Sacred Sword, Psycho Cut, Night Slash) with a Jolly Nature is difficult to break. Spiritomb and Sableye are good options, as they both can survive a predicted Night Slash, although they are concerned for an untimely critical hit, which must be noted has increased chances to occur as a secondary effect. Foul Play is the reliable counter-play in this scenario, although easily played around. Will-o-Wisp is also a great option here, but one miss could prove fatal. Fortunately, Gallade is absolute squish on the defensive end, and any physical attack will take a huge chunk out of it, decreasing it's longevity. Regardless, we need to keep a close eye on this thing and think about how to promote counter-play, introduce new checks, or consider a ban, which honestly would be rather sad. Colbur Berry Foul Play Slowbro, where art thou?! Gliscor, hero of all, can you survive a random Ice Punch? Scarf Scizor, would you carry Aerial Ace please? Hydreigon, do you want Draco Meteor back?
  6. After a one month review, Salamence appears to fit well within the UU tier and the TC has voted to close this thread.
  7. People weren't calling for discussion, they were calling for a ban.
  8. Glances at TC, "It looks like they're leaving, I think it worked!"
  9. Another week, another thread that's not updated.
  10. @Imperial We already have hazard setters in NU, adding more won't make a significant impact. Both Gastro and Quag will be limited by their moveset, and I anticipate adjusting to these threats will include a rise in things like Vileplume, Roselia, Lilligant, Ludicolo, and other grass types. Also, using RU as a comparison isn't the same as considering a ban. If they go up naturally, as expected, then there you go. "Wicked high usage" is tbd but a good comparison is the high usage moves we made after the first round of HA's. I'd have to look those up. And I agree, no Heavy-Duty-Boots yet, but getting close. Scyther will keep praying in the meantime.
  11. Some calls for Quagsire and Gastrodon to move up just because of hazards. That's silly. Be happy these blobs won't carry Toxic anymore unless they sacrifice their already scarce coverage in EQ/EP, Scald, or Ice Beam. They'll likely rise by usage anyways and if usage is wicked high, we'll move 'em up before the next season (since we're giving a try to 3 month movements).
  12. Breloom now runs into the classic 4MSS issue where it has the tools but it just can't check everything. Common set will likely be the following: Life Orb w/ Mach Punch Bullet Seed Close Combat/Spore Zen Headbutt/Rock Tomb It will take some scouting and an Amoongus will still do the job coming in on any attack to find what moves the 'loom has. Carrying Protect will make it even easier to figure it out.
  13. What Pursuit trappers can handle it though? Also that ain't gonna kill half the time. Dugtrio needs to worry about priority as well. 4 attacks seems very reasonable, even sub + 3 attacks is a lit set. Doesn't need much coverage. Sacred Sword Psycho Cut Shadow Sneak/Sucker Punch Leaf Blade/Substitute With Life Orb? GG's.
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