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  1. cba to breed lmk if u are selling one discord: _zymo_ ign: zymogen
  2. I feel that Sharpedo gets a pretty big nerf with the addition of Vaporeon
  3. IGN: Zymogen Tiers: OU, UU, NU Timezone: GMT/BST Fluff: XD
  4. Man I thought I was done with algebra when I left school
  5. Base PP for Recover, Softboiled, Rest, Milk Drink, Slack Off, Roost, and Heal Order have been reduced to 5 Are you serious? Why are changes that nobody asked for being made, and all the while requests which receive large amounts of public support are completely ignored? A mechanic update of this magnitude should not have flown under the radar and be added under “balancing” (what does it even remotely balance???) as if it is some innocuous bug fix that doesn’t change anything significant Where were the discussion threads?
  6. 200k on bold, one taker per bet I’ll settle bets on Tuesday when I have time Edit: all settled
  7. Lol NU will be a shitshow without Gligar or Golbat, I’m all for it
  8. Fucking Gengar I’m no longer excited to hunt these wisps 😂
  9. As I was going around I made a note of ones that people were reporting in global but I didn't have time to check before the shutdown: Kanto Unconfirmed: Rt 21 above Cinnabar (surf) Viridian forest Rt 13 Rt 22 Lost cave (good luck) Seafoam island bottom floor
  10. https://gyazo.com/e6ed93a2ba3ec8aeff612ae13f331d88 These are all the confirmed ones I have so far Let's make it a habit to post any necessary HMs too for efficiency
  11. Unrelated to this post but how can I fix the issue of my client telling me that the selected server is down when it also says the server is online on the server selection screen?
  12. i'm having the same issue. perhaps it's a problem with the client itself because other people are currently online with no issue edit: nvm now it's apparently undergoing maintenance
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