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  1. give this man his account back
  2. Kangaskhan's Golden Horde (0) vs (0) Sweet Child O'Mime OU: ArtOfKilling vs iMat OU: ZioMOJI vs Juanchoqui OU: Azphiel vs AlphaxStriker Absolutely Darkness (0) vs (0) Cloddy Cloud Clodsires OU: CHUCKunso vs shuiqing OU: Lunarck vs ShanQi OU: zLumiere vs Quest Beedrilled (0) vs (0) Fire Force OU: Gabuchox vs Heichicoda OU: Brumoso vs CarolML OU: Aerun vs Pablobacas Stark Tyrants (0) vs (0) My Dress Up Deerling OU: FourFour vs Luke OU: Mkns vs Elvessss OU: Facursa vs LpZ
  3. Taking myself, ziomoji, wallarro and zokuru for 300k each
  4. Gonna pay for everyone I owe later this week, don't hate me I lost millions I'm gathering cash
  5. Mence on paper seems far worse, yet it dropped and was actually manageable. We really think haxorus is better than mence? I doubt. Think it's time to make some unused ou mons shine.
  6. Kangaskhan's Golden Horde (2) vs (6) Absolutely Darkness OU: ZioMOJI vs qmanzanop OU: ArtOfKilling vs CHUCKunso UU: Azphiel vs Huargensy NU: MadaraSixSix vs zMauri Dubs: TehKharma vs Yjos LC: Gasyflour vs Cali DPP: Zokuru vs Meendez NU: AngeloDLZ vs Axellgor Beedrilled (5) vs (3) Stark Tyrants OU: Aerun vs DoubleJ OU: Brumoso vs ForFour UU: PoseidonWrath vs Wickedwanga NU: Wolfangt vs Smadagos Dubs: GodXebec vs Imabetheverybest LC: xSparkie vs TheDH DPP: Minaccia vs BlueBreath NU: Sargeste vs Mkns Sweet Child O'Mime (2) vs (6) My Dress Up Deerling OU: AlphaxStriker vs NikhilR OU: Juanchoqui vs Elvessss UU: YEYOxD vs LeJovi NU: iMat vs Lifestyle Dubs: Badbaarsito vs AkaruKokuyo LC: NoWall vs KokenoCastro DPP: Gunthug vs TheLpZ NU: Sebat vs Pachima
  7. OU: ZioMOJI vs qmanzanop Dubs: TehKharma vs Yjos LC: Gasyflour vs Cali - taken by @BeluMEX NU: AngeloDLZ vs Axellgor OU: Brumoso vs ForFour NU: Wolfangt vs Smadagos - taken by @Mkns1070 Dubs: GodXebec vs Imabetheverybest UU: YEYOxD vs LeJovi - taken by @BeluMEX Dubs: Badbaarsito vs AkaruKokuyo - taken by @BeluMEX DPP: MedichamZ vs SweeTforU NU: xxLazaro vs DridrigoFK - taken by @BeluMEX 500K ON EACH
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