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  1. lake of rage prob they will put a normal gyara and probably alpha yeah
  2. with xatu in ou, does we have chances to get espeon in uu at least?
  3. Alpha Minccino has been spotted near cold storage (unova). H.A: Skill Link Moveset: Hyper voice, thunderbolt, calm mind,grass knot
  4. also as thief pokemon, best one is banette with frisk
  5. but still hurt there's a non blue zorua near the shiny
  6. Ign: EverDaryl Country: Italy Tiers: NU,Randoms,Gen8OU Discord: Daryl#7098
  7. Shiny secret ponyta 31 sp.atk 31 speed gender male, nature: gentlevalue?
  8. I Was trying to complete sinnoh pokedex, by trying to registeer a vespiqueen and thats what happened, TOTALLY UNEXPEDCTED
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