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  1. phase 1: looking for quilava I SWEAR THE GLIGAR ITS SHINY :V Shiny n.6
  2. We have to wait Tomorrow for the Movment stuff? Last change was updated early
  3. stop giving headaches to people jesus christ
  4. what if we make this thread as a spiderman meme thread
  5. Hello since for johto we have the ho-oh rematchs that gives x10 rainbow qwills and x3 legendary lure, id would suggest to give an addiction of x10 elemental orbs , (as counting kanto and johto a unique one, because there are no other legendaries in gen 1 aside of mewtwo that you can find it in the wild for war battles to contest it.) Also if possible for the future would be nice to add legendary battles/rebattles in other regions for example: Hoenn: a battle against kyogre and groudon. that can give still x3 legendary lures and x10 of the future items to increase/decrease ivs of the future regis/duolati that will come. Sinnoh: Giratina rematch in his world? that can give the lures and the future items for ivs for the trio lakes? Unova: in the giant chasm there's a locked zone that you could find kyurem, would be amazing if that spot one day would be opened and battling the kyurem with the same rewards as i said before for the trio sword masters or the genius. Ideas for item ivs set up for legendaries: Kanto/Johto: Rainbow Qwills/Elemental orbs. Hoenn: Dew Drops/Eon Tears if duo latis. ancient rocks (if trio regis) Sinnoh: Lakes psychic orbs (?) Unova: Pieces of swords (for the trio sword masters) having more legendaries battles/rebattles would be a nice weekly grind. Guess you staff are enough smart to find out a way how to make em as battle. sorry for my english.
  6. the shiny rate is fair mark haappen all the times
  7. Ot 4: around 20k encounters while evtraining 1st poliwhirl got, hope for 2nd one for poliwrath!
  8. yes , i can but not now because i do not have the donator status to get the exp boost 😕
  9. id agree on articuno ban, because the daryl's set won a regional ez
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