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  1. if it helps i sold my colored labcoat for a shiny porygon when there were 3 in game and 2x on dead accounts. idk if more have been found since i went on walkabout and in the years since desu coat only got more rare.
  2. abra learns skull bash so check, meowth check, squirtle check, kakuna cant but beedrill can so whatever check, but why is metapod on the list? if you wanted one more on the list you could fish for gyrados, horsea, psyduck, or slowpoke ect that can learn skull bash.
  3. mashele is pretty good. "if one punch man went to hogwarts and solved his problems without magic". bit of a "one punch" or "Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto" comedy feel
  4. read it on gigguks recommendation and loved it and read every new chapter the day it comes out in english. also we doing manga here too now? reading dorohedoro since the animes dead in the water and oh boy if you thought the anime was graphic and adult the manga takes it to a whole different level like i doubt a true uncensored portrayal could get away with a measly R rating
  5. unrealistic anime swords makes me cri but good job
  6. why do you enjoy it? what makes it worth watching? haven not seen
  7. felt kinda bad after asking you to reopen shop and no request for a month so i drew you red wings dva. ai colored i suck at that and like face and people in general.
  8. made some onion, mushroom, sauage gravy to go on mashed potatoes with some queso fresco. cooked sausage then slow cooked the onions and mushrooms in the fat and some butter for a hour and added flour and garlic for a few minutes of cooking then the beef stock and a bit of milk and spices and sauces. turned out better then any gravy i have had before whish i had some donko shitake to go in this
  9. you can do whatever you want their just might be consequences like life in prison. and i currently can not walk. so theirs that makign this idea difficult along with distance and not having any good armor just chainmail
  10. spice "bark" + grease either oil or butter or animal fat + high heat. a lot of people will start in a oven safe pan get it hot pan fry one side then flip and throw it in the oven. make sure their is smoked paprika in the spice rub. also lately i have been liking using a potato peeler to get lemon rind (yellow only not the white bit) off then lightly toast in a dry pan to dry it out without burning and throwing it in a blender to make a lemon powder which goes good on fish
  11. you inspire bil to sing 2003 Britney spears songs in the shower
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