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  1. Congrats Aw. An incredible achievement to reach 10 years. Would certainly not have been as fun or as competitive without you guys in the comp scene who truly pushed everyone else to be at the top of their game. I'll be there and can ref if needed xox
  2. Wtf, I originally had this: I don't know where the extra cash comes from
  3. Big update!! @calidubstepput down another 10m for DPP to put DPP back in the lead! @YettoDiehas also put down $33,333,333 to skyrocket DPP!! Thank you both very much! Also noticed LeZenor donated a total of 34m, 4m for DPP and 30m for Gen 9! A strange strategy but we appreciate you nonetheless! That's a total of 168m+ in donations. Insane!! Thank you all 🙏 also @caioxlive13can you add up all the donations on the front page and make sure I got it right pls 🥺 Also!! Auction currently finishes at 2am GMT+0!
  4. 1 hour and 26 minutes left of auction! Gen 9 in the lead!
  5. By the way, since I cannot check in real time, the 8 hour will be refreshed when I confirm it. That said I can check every couple of hours during the day but of course when I’m sleeping I cannot. Someone has put another bid down and I think it has probably outbid DPP, just waiting on confirmation. I’m at work right now and PokMMO is not on my phone, sorting this soon! Bear with me! Edit: Oh and please please message me on here or discord if you put a bid in and let me know the chosen tier so I can update faster. Edit 2: I got confirmation @LeZenor has p it 30m on Gen 9 OU!!!! Thank you xox 8 hours starts from the edit date. 10:25am gmt+0
  6. Thank you @Onraider for an additional 600k which he has evenly split between each showdown tier! It is midnight and DPP is the showdown tier that will claim the spot if there are no outbids in the next 8 hours. Any further bids will reset the 8 hour outbidding time. Edit: @MathewMathas donated another 10m towards DPP! Thank you!
  7. I already said a showdown tier being included is something I wanted to do and something to freshen up this season. I want to change things up to make sure it doesn't go stale. These were my conditions to host, if that isn't wanted then I will allow someone else to host. I don't exactly see a huge amount against the idea.
  8. Why not stop complaining and go with what I set out like everyone else. You don't speak for everyone.
  9. I did not give the option from the start. It would be unfair of me to allow the bidding for no showdown when players have already used their own money to support their chosen SD tier.
  10. @calidubstep has donated 20m to ensure DPP reaches the top.. by quite some distance now. Thank you!!!
  11. Yes, you asked those questions in total 17 minutes after I called your game. The game was already a DQ.
  12. Had I realised I was in ES chat, I would have certainly change to EN, that is my mistake. That said, you were all in the correct channel at the correct location so clearly you or teammates must have seen my announcements. At the 10 minute mark you had no players whatsoever ready to duel. I gave overall an extra 5 minutes for you to sort it out, and a couple mins after DQ you manage to show up saying you had no doubles player but you will do it. We were very fair with you.
  13. Just a reminder - Tomorrow midnight(sunday GMT time) will conclude the showdown bid unless someone outbids 8 hours after. All details are in the main thread. @TohnRhas added an additional 300k to VGC. Thank you!!
  14. @BaliAdshas generously donated a further 3m to push VGC into the lead! @caioxlive13We won't have UT and NFE. There is practically no playerbase for it and we're not using PSL to garner one either.
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