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  1. I cannot do the 30th either RIP. If it gets changed, get on it big brain. Enjoy that holiday sir.
  2. @Tranzmaster you might not be able to defeat elite 4, but this is your time to shine my guy
  3. A captain is the leader of the team. A cheerleader is someone who doesn't play, he just supports the team and cheers them on.
  4. A huge congratulations to team Vow. They showed up and performed as diligently as ever. They take home home gold this month! I also want to congratulate Oa on a fine performance and grabbing 2nd place. https://challonge.com/g2mcqf63 I also want to thank the staff members that helped out! @Cosmooth @Elizn @DeusBruno @AustinMMO @EnzoAbbacchio
  5. The Team Tournament of August starting in 50 minutes!
  6. Raikou will not be usable in today's TT. Ninetales & Politoad will not be usable in UU with their new hidden abilities. Failing to comply with this will result in their opponent having the option to take the win.
  7. If I had it my way, I'd replace dubs for VGC metronome
  8. Shouldn't be telling them to be nice to me, should be telling me to be nice to them. 💪
  9. That is a Poncho which is obtained with reward points in the gift shop or via trade with another player. There's also a bow which is found in one of the marts (I thinkkkk Celadon?).
  10. Meanwhile I'm on 15k lure encounters with no sight feelsbad. Probs encountered it and ran because I'm noob
  11. It is good to see you back sir. "you are soooo cool, you done so many things, you are so smart and handsome, why did you not ended up as one of the staff members?" This is basically how I ended up on the staff team
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