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  1. Having flat currency is never going to be too rewarding since it can damage the economy, they just wouldn't allow it. They could make the reward for Red an option to prestige, resetting the stories and possibly making them harder each time(higher levels or just handicaps) with some sort of visual reward where players can see it(like an icon next to your name). I mean, I personally would never like to continue doing the storyline but I'm sure some of the PvE folk would like it lol.
  2. @Darkshade Maybe the graphics designer can take a look :^)
  3. Hi! Welcome to PokeMMO! For competitive assistance, I'd recommend checking here: https://forums.pokemmo.com/index.php?/forum/35-competitive-assistance/ Good luck!!
  4. KaynineXL


    Hello! Welcome to PokeMMO! If you're ever in need of staff help, you can message me or for a quicker way, take a peek in the channel/global chat and you're likely to find one!
  5. Mike about 5 times kek. There's been many many returning staff members throughout MMO's history.
  6. I cannot do the 30th either RIP. If it gets changed, get on it big brain. Enjoy that holiday sir.
  7. @Tranzmaster you might not be able to defeat elite 4, but this is your time to shine my guy
  8. A captain is the leader of the team. A cheerleader is someone who doesn't play, he just supports the team and cheers them on.
  9. A huge congratulations to team Vow. They showed up and performed as diligently as ever. They take home home gold this month! I also want to congratulate Oa on a fine performance and grabbing 2nd place. https://challonge.com/g2mcqf63 I also want to thank the staff members that helped out! @Cosmooth @Elizn @DeusBruno @AustinMMO @EnzoAbbacchio
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