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  1. 252 Atk Diglett Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Tyranitar: 96-114 (46.3 - 55%) -- 47.7% chance to 2HKO 252 Atk Diglett Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Tyranitar: 96-114 (54.8 - 65.1%) -- guaranteed 2HKO 252 Atk Diglett Reversal (200 BP) vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Tyranitar: 248-296 (119.8 - 142.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO 252 Atk Diglett Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Excadrill: 152-180 (82.1 - 97.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO Nah, the problem is 100% Arena Trap.
  2. the sabertooth tiger, the lion and the panther are my favorite dog breeds yes
  3. That's not incompatible with this being a fan project, though. I don't know where I read it, but afaik some of the devs if not all of them have their job like everyone else and this is something they take care of in their free time. A hobby can be profitable, doesn't mean it's not a hobby :3
  4. Pinch = below 25% HP, you can just check your health percentage to know when those berries are active 🙂 Starters’ abilities are a bit different, iirc they activate below 33% HP instead of 25%.
  5. Doctor


    …how did you spend 3 hours and 40 minutes to get an amulet coin bruh, you must be doing something wrong please walk us through your farming process because of course bad luck is a thing but this is on an astronomical level
  6. You cannot tell us you have what amounts to a gambling addiction and then expect us to take the whining seriously, man. No one forced you at gunpoint to spend 300-500 dollars every month on the game. I agree that some stuff could be handled differently, but then again, it’s not like this game has a subscription fee like WoW does. Any money you spent on it was on your own volition.
  7. No need, it's already fair
  8. I don't know which post is funnier, BrazilGPT proposing printing money to improve the economy or the true randomness guy complaining about devs not letting him join the dev team, getting banned for RMT and of course randomness not being random enough. The game is fine, we're just coming out of an event-heavy season. Johto dropped, then Halloween, then Christmas, then CNY. A lot of people stop playing until there's an event when said event season is over. Shiny hunters will still stare at their screen for the funny looking pixels and PvPers will still bash their heads. It's been like this for years, we'll survive. Expect a massive return by the time devs drop the new, updated raids as well, whenever that happens. Or when (if) the anniversary event drops.
  9. Our meta is so much more different than Smogon that the comparison, while understandable, doesn't really hold up. No permaweather, Defog being able to clear hazards, updated learnsets to match gen 9 ones, the absence of so many Pokémon and their hidden abilities, etc. Yep, Gengar did have Levitate here, and it was centralizing in my opinion. You were "forced" to run a specific way of dealing with it, since the common answers in the form of specially defensive mons usually couldn't handle a Substitute/Nasty Plot set due to the triple immunity + poison immunity I mentioned. Sadly the stats page, while an useful tool to figure out the most played sets, doesn't really offer trustable information in terms of how good a Pokémon really is. It gathers data from all elo ranges, which means that the newest players' data weighs as much as the top players', resulting in a distortion of the perception of said mon. Gengar is a really popular mon among the playerbase, and a fairly easy one to get during your story run, so a lot of new players will queue up with their story teams to then get completely crushed. To give a similar example, Volcarona has almost the same winrate as Gengar, and there's even been arguments (not serious ones, but they're out there) arguing about it being too strong for our metagame. Garchomp has only 1% more winrate than Gengar as well, and of course no one would think it's in a bad spot for the metagame; it's just how popular the mon is and how that ends up distorting the data. Its check and counters being common also doesn't mean it's in a tough spot: Gengar can easily run HP ice to deal with Garchomp and it naturally outspeeds it; and with good prediction + playing around it, Tyranitar isn't that big of an issue either considering it has access to Nasty Plot + Focus Blast (Shadow Ball + FB is the go-to moveset for Gengar due to its coverage) All in all, it could be an interesting topic to discuss, can't say otherwise, but I still feel like Gengar is perfectly fine as it is right now.
  10. Maybe this issue wouldn’t have happened if the game had true randomness
  11. This has been brought up several times, and I always think it would be horrible to have Gengar show up in every single team again. Triple immunity + immunity to poison makes it centralizing enough that I don't think it'd be healthy. Gengar is perfectly fine as it is right now.
  12. yes please implement torkoal hat 😞
  13. Once again I’m gonna thank you for the work you’ve put into this, it’s insanely good. From just calculating damage mid battle to tinkering with stats in general for teambuilding/theory rafting, I use it almost every day. Sure, the OG one exists, but yours is so much more comfortable than to go around tweaking things like base powers and abilities manually. Loving every bit of this!!!
  14. Yeah, also this. Ghost types can always run away from wild encounters, so it's always better to invest in HP or defenses to be able to take more hits before having to heal.
  15. Just two comments on this, I already commented on the video saying that I love both the production of the video itself and the data analysis that you guys brought to us! The first thing is that Item Magnet Charm doesn't affect the chance of a Pokémon holding an item, but rather the chance of you picking up an item after a battle, be it via Pickup, Coalescence, Honey Gather or regular trainer pickup without any ability item, so using it for this grind is a waste. The second thing is that Thief is probably better than Trick for this because it has more PPs so you're gonna have to heal a bit less. Although it might not matter considering you're gonna be at the same level as Muk so the healing trips may end up being as common as with Trick. Other than that, amazing work, keep being awesome guys ♥
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