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  1. If you look closely.. you'll see 3 of those onix were caught the same day and a few pairs on the same day. I mean he even caught 2 Onix "Today". That being said.. he still doesn't have larvitar. Man's lucky.....but also not lucky.
  2. Once a mon is placed into a horde, that species can't be considered "rare" or "exclusive" anymore. The larvitar was 50/50 for a couple of months before the rates were adjusted. Damage is done. You can buy a shiny larvitar for less than 10mil on the gtl and the same can be said for dratini. By making the hordes 20% .. it creates a situation where the 80% counterpart loses any kind of exclusivity or "Shiny" value it had before even as a horde shiny. This is why species-rotations are needed sooner than later as to slow the process. Lord knows when we gonna get those. /\
  3. I agree with you. They can make it 3 hordes with 33.33% each... This 20% is some BS
  4. Shiiittttt that's tough. Thanks for the answer. I always wondered.
  5. Goku

    Value Advice

    No... I am a bit busy these days so I don't get time to play.
  6. Wait wait. Don't close. Anybody know what happened to this Legend?
  7. Goku

    Value Advice

    8 Billion is what I'd value it but it could be a little more.
  8. This is what it looks like when 1.) You have 0 responsibilities. 2.) You have 0 bills to pay. 3.) You're pampered and given treats on a daily. 4.) I can tell this cat won't even chase a mouse. XDD That lifestyle is beneath her.
  9. Goku

    Value Advice

    I don't know. People are saying 15 billion but who knows. I have not seen one being sold in a very long time. From what I have seen there are still quite a few of them going around but none that are for sale as far as I am aware.
  10. If you completed 1 region then you can't be shiny locked.
  11. Man's been given a sign to play the mega millions and he doesn't even know it.
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