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  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Did you happen to notice if this change happened last Thursday Dec, 1st? This could be another winter change with the migrating birds like Swellows and Staravias but ive never noticed this one before.
  2. yeah sorry, my biased ass doesn't like Basculins Tentacrools Peligulls Since Buizel isnt underlined, you can expect something else in the water. Happy Hunting o/
  3. hahah i thought most people hated these rocks but ill add them to the full list of all ev hordes just for you ❤️ i know but i dont think its worth specifying since its mixed with Floatzel sadly. HP/Speed is a rare EV spread
  4. They are usually there mixed with Donphan and Onix but during the months of April, August and December its winter in pokemmo. That means theres a few changes to some locations: Vanillish @Icirrus City, Dark Grass, Unova Beartic/Vanillite @Dragonspiral Tower, Unova Cryogonal/Cubchoo @Twist Mountain - Ice room, Unova Bibarel instead of Staravia @Valor Lakefront, Sinnoh Jigglypuff/Swablu instead of Swellow @Route 115, Hoenn Ursaring hordes @Victory Road are winter hibernating. Shelmet hordes @Icirrus City are frozen during the winter. Good luck o/
  5. Hello fellow Mister Thank you for your feedback - did you create an account only to comment on this guide? I feel honored :') I've corrected Scorched Slab for you, but i dont think Lunatone has a 100% x5 horde both day and night? Sorry but i decided not to include a few of the most common hordes Basculins Tentacrools Peligulls Let me know if you come across anything else that isnt up to date Happy Hunting o//
  6. Known Issues We're aware of an issue with Unova and Sinnoh's Ability Patch claiming which has prevented some players from being able to claim them correctly. Because this issue will require database maintenance to resolve, its resolution has been postponed until after the event. Thanks for your patience
  7. Oh, thats new, i think? Thanks for letting me know! It should be accurate now
  8. Yeah, it's not a bad alternative to the other high level DEF hordes in Kanto. I could add all the level range to the Full List of All EV Hordes. Then people can pick and choose as they want to.
  9. Oh, nicely spotted, you're right! The B3 shouldn't be underlined, i will fix it right away. Thanks!
  10. Thanks! In altering cave i found slakoth without repels in cycle 3 and mareep with repels in cycle 1. now im repelling for snubbull in cycle 6 and 7. I also found mawile and lickitung while repelling in challengers cave looking for riolu.
  11. It's hard to say since i also use a lot of repels in challengers cave. My guesstimate would be 6m worth of repels
  12. I'm just here to promote the Altering Cave guide... Mr Rares >>>>>>>>> Common > Uncommon >> Rare >>> Very Rare Cycle 1 - repel level 18 - >> >>>
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