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  1. There were delays again, but it will happen, Kyu confirmed
  2. kyu should surprise us at some point, for a few hours, it's always been like this, I hope it doesn't take long Bring on the Lunar New Year event!
  3. The new year event should start today, I think so and you, what do you think will happen?
  4. New Year is coming, will it change like Christmas did? What about the Christmas item we will use? What things do you think will come?
  5. Do you have to defeat the elite 4 to find the kanto birds? My friends ask me a lot of things that I still don't know how to answer, could you tell me the requirements?
  6. For me, it's a good mechanic not to depend on other people, events that depend on being in a group to be able to enter, like Christmas and New Year, sometimes some players are disadvantaged by not having a team, they could do it in a way that they would enter even without a group. and it was on the same base, I found it interesting this year, although some PokΓ©mon simply don't appear for hours and others keep repeating, which filled up with PokΓ©mon and disturbed me a little, in any case I'm grateful for the event.
  7. Christmas is close, but Kyu has a party hat on his profile, is the birthday event for 2024?
  8. This is confirmation! whenever he changes the photo it's because it's a new event, so we will have the birthday event
  9. Is it possible to get it in pokemmo?
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