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  1. Ok! After watching WWE Wrestlemania 40 Night 2 & i just Returned & Continuing Hunting Zapdos in Route 15 Kanto, i found this Modest 31 Sp. Defense IVs Shiny Venonat!
  2. Hm... That's seems Sus about that Jumpeon thing & it's Alpha too🤔
  3. Sadly, the Current April Fool's Day Event was the Catching Event & we might have to wait until Next Year again.
  4. So that's where the April Fool's Day from! Welp! Goodluck with that XD
  5. I guess Seth is right... I might let them Cook until they Burnt as KoTH Legendary Issues already Resolved & Renewed too. (I will going to Prepare for my Popcorn as Spectating if these Shenanigans of Conflict Wars Continues.)
  6. Hm... Well it's seems no one are Revealing the Total of BPs they had in Global Chats ever since me & Cathy are being Discussed about Total BPs. I might tell her later. Thnx!
  7. Lucky for you... My Team TJMD is about to Disbanned tomorrow because of getting my Warned from being Derailed in Forum! Now it's only Team GØSs VS Team UBER left. The only thing left that I'm still Wishing for is to Renew this KoTH Legendary Pokémons PVP Battles & due on more Bugs Continues on Rising, I'm now being Inactive of Hunting these KoTH Pokémons & trying to Avoid being Toxicity & Arguments too! I'm happy now that my Total BPs is 1,040,000+ & it's literally Impossible now to Reach 2,000,000 BPs Total too. So goodluck with these Shenanigans with Conflict War & I'll be now playing by Sometimes now due to playing my Other Games too! From now on! I will going to Re-Battle Red Weekly & Continuing Gaining this 7,500 BPs without Charm than getting BPs from KoTH Legendary Pokémons.
  8. Welp! I got Warned as by SGM for the 1st Time in Forum & now i got Both Warned from Ingame & Forum! The reason why is because of Derailing at Team Recruitment! Thnx a lot you "Vigilante" Kinzo you are Totally Ruined my Team Recruitment of my Team TJMD! 😤
  9. Hm... Ok? But still it's remains Sus about KoTH Issues Topics tbh... Guess I'll Ignore about these Arguments then. Also! I've been Not Checking KoTH Legendary Notification/Location Spot the whole time due to my Busy Tasks on Otber Games too.🙃
  10. P.S. I might get Banned soon because of these Reports by Spanish Players as & making KoTH Legendary Pokémons Completely Unfair too.😑
  11. Whatevs! PVP in KoTH Rank won't Count anyway lol. Do they think that KoTH Rank has been Added as Leaderboard of these Chaotic Wars? Gheez! Those Haters man! That's why i don't trust these Toxicity Players again & MrPurpleee is Right all along! I wasn't been Friends with you since we've met on War against Mewtwo 2023... When will they Learn about these Chaotic Stuffs?🤔🤦 Please Devs of PokéMMOs! Renew this KoTH Battles already & we're Sick & Tired of playing their Mind Games on Us about those KoTH Legendary Pokémons are Hidden by Each Teams! The Hatred is Still Continuing Rising & More Blocks & Reports are Triggering too. I just want 4 BPs & after that, it's all yours now & i ain't gonna Held these KoTH Legendary Pokémons for too long!😑😤
  12. Hmm... That's Interesting. Welp you Triggered me as not letting these players to join my Team, that's means it's already now a Triple Threat War then... Team GØSs VS Team UBER VS Team TJMD (Endgame Zone Now!)
  13. Idk about that... Rache already Responded about these Issues Once & after a bit of Shocking as Possible to Renew KoTH Legendary Issues, it's still Not Happened yet. There is no way it will eventually gonna Happened yet until it's already Planned on Next Update. I would be Shock if Rache posted these Issues again & some of these Haters of Farming BPs on KoTH Legendary Pokémons will be Proud of Renewing KoTH Legendary Battles & Removing BPs Rewards too. If ever that Happened, I will going to Disban my Team (The Judgment Day Revengers) as Creator/Leader & I'm no longer going to Involve as Conflict Pseudo Wars as well. Goodluck getting these Renewed KoTH Legendary Pokémons without BPs Rewards if this Possible...😑
  14. If i was a Threat as during Conflict War, i will going to tell the Global & Channel Chats about KoTH Legendary Location Spot as Spreading more Peoples & trying to Challenge lol. But if the Conflict War is Not Active & there's a BPs Farm Lineup, i will be Innocent Guy getting BPs & No Threat too. After Farming 4k BPs I'm Gone for good. (If i don't have my Recruitment yet.) :v
  15. You really think that Nerfing BPs Farm would happen at some point? Look at the Previois Rache's Post... They are still looking for Solution & until now it didn't happened yet before Johto Released. Now about 8 Months Later & you're trying to Suggest it to Nerf BPs Farm just because of Balancing in PVP Battles? Look! I already been playing PVP, but only Randoms just because i was trying to get my Rocky Helmets for sure. I get it now on why some of Pro Players in PVP are getting a bit of Disappointed because of BPs Farm in KoTH Legendary Battle & until now Rache's Post is still on Looking for Solution too. I would be Suprise if Rache Seen this Sugestion Post & Agreed to Look about Situation Right now on this KoTH Legendary Pokémon Issues.
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