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  1. 44 OT Shinys now. 12th Rapidash (caught at 9,151h in-game hours)
  2. Reborn Rich is a journey! Korean movies and TV series recently have been really good.
  3. As a non competitive player I've been in LYLE, NORE, Aw and many more competitive teams over the years. Even though I'm personally not affected by which team gets the vanity I'd just like to share my 2 cents since I understand the grind and at times toxicity most competitive players have to swim through to be the best. Also since most competitive players are usually not fulltime item / shiny traders and are constantly burning money on making more comps, the appeal of a vanity earned from winning is the best flex for many! If scores were calculated in a different way in the past and that determined that time's overall winner, I believe it's only fair that it should be honored. And the new scoring system only be applicable to the years / TT where it was introduced. If a team was rated to be the best by the standard that existed back then, it really makes no sense to challenge that title with a new system which was implemented much later on and they can be rewarded accordingly. Or you can also consider giving it to the top 2 teams of that year if the calculation is really getting out of hand and no scenario seems fair. And if that isn't going to work either, it's for times like these that we have a Mayor! I believe we need to submit to whatever our elected leader decides. @Bestfriends Please guide your constituents and help end this debate.
  4. Hey Lucien, welcome to the PokeMMO community! Hmu if you need any assistance during your gameplay adventures, wishing you all the best!
  5. This was back when only one region existed and there were no hordes. It had been more than a year since I started playing and had no hopes I'll ever find one, but then speed EV training one day and voila!
  6. I think catching a 6x31 in wild is flex of good RNG in itself, much more than that of catching a random shiny. So I don't think they would ever implement something like this. However if your RNG strong enough that you're catching 6x31s in wild, you prob gonna find a shiny from egg anyway.
  7. DM me when you online and playing again. I'll help you out.
  8. 43rd OT Shiny, 11th Rapidash, caught at 9,074 ingame hour (131 hours since last shiny which was also a Rapidash)
  9. A true pokemmo nerd doesn't own vehicles to drive anyway. Ride that bike!
  10. Thank you everyone for the love and support of the idea of Amnesia Brace being something better than what it is. It seems that day is finally here. I believe this suggestion can be marked as resolved / closed now. This is exactly the kind of good news I needed this weekend! Thank you @Kyu
  11. In a way Halloween event has already started, PokeMMO players right now waiting on updates:
  12. You found it once, so you know it's possible. Hope you get it next time! F
  13. I get blocked by a lot of players so the least I can do is flex my vanities on them. So while this is actually an understandable suggestion I would have to disagree due to personal reasons.
  14. 42nd Shiny, 10th Shiny Rapidash, caught on alt at 1,245h / 8,943h on main.
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