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  1. After reading the recent posts and threads, I think that the community is more upset about the inconsistency. We are aware of multiple wintrading players on the ladder, people who were wintrading for years and no action was taken against them. We are aware of people who wintraded in finals and were not permabanned. We are aware of people who were wintrading and were permabanned. There is no guideline about that kind of offense and players (myself included) are just upset about the injustice and potential unfair treatment- these things should be clearly written, explained and punishments should be equal for everyone. Art's case was very unique though and shouldn't really be used as example, although it shows that staff people are actually human beings. Admitting errors in judgment (especially publicly) is a telltale sign of being a decent people so big respect to them for reverting the decision of permaban.
  2. Dittos and Fossils as far as I can see. I was hoping for mysterious cherish balls, but they dropped
  3. I know it's gonna be a shameless self-advert, but I have 0 ideas how people can complain about game's difficulty... If I could beat ENTIRE Kanto storyline with 6 random Pidgeys with really bad IVs, anyone can do it
  4. Let me tell you about one more thing that should be fair for everyone...
  5. I'm just really glad that that one time, we could all come together as a community to back up a respected player. Hopefully we can do that more often 🙂
  6. Dude, are you aware you are directing those words to one of the most accomplished and decorated players in the history of this game? And you are telling him, to learn how to play? Just leave this thread and go back to your 400 elo
  7. I think I can speak for everyone, that we really hope Art's punishment will not be a permanent ban. Please don't take our friend away for one stupid thing.
  8. ngl this entire situation makes staff look absolutely horrible, almost as if they were out to take down Art for whatever reason
  9. I offer Cysia pictures in return for a bit of leniency towards Art
  10. You cannot. They were active only for a short period of time during the event. They might be active sometime in the future.
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