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  1. Shadow be like: I belieb Terry, he will come to you one day
  2. I use Nokia 3310. I use it for everything- making phone calls, sending text messages, slicing bread, cutting meat, self-defense and playing PokeMMO I still think it's the hardware performance but without knowing what OP is using, we're kinda limited
  3. +1 for UT next season, it has so many interesting pokemons
  4. More cat vanities. Whatever it is- cat backpack, cat bracelet, cat boots, cat ride, cat sword or cat club. It's not that we WANT more cats. We NEED more cats.
  5. Try entering Verm4 during a PSL match for an armageddon test kappa But honestly, what is your hardware? I had that kind of a problem on a poor device, maybe this is the root of the problem?
  6. I was last time in Altering cave like 10 years ago, honestly it's a very old location from like 2013 and 2014 when not all pokemons were available in the wild. There was a small bunch of pokes that were available only through this location but there is no point of going there anymore. You might wanna search through Guide Tavern- I remember there were some articles in progress about Altering Cave
  7. Darkrai in our metagame would be an absolute menace, even if it's Dark Void would be nerfed to it's current 50% accuracy (making it worse than hypnosis lmao). Remember- we do not have Fairy types here in PokeMMO, so it's Dark Pulse wouldn't be resisted by them, and it doesn't have to carry Sludge Bomb for hitting them. Try thinking about legendaries which are less impactful (Regis, Lake Trio, swords of justice trio aside from- at least for now- Terrakion, Meloetta or Celebi come to my mind right now).
  8. Caio seriously, don't dig that grave of yours any deeper, just stop
  9. and that's why we need Terrakion
  10. 1. Yes. It is the part of the storyline. Zekrom will be in your room at home AFTER you catch it, and you cannot use it in battles. 2. Nope. There is no Kanto2 in PokeMMO (no sense, when we already have fully implemented FR/LG Kanto). 3. Well, the roaming legends we have (birbs and beasts) do give experience. KOTH (King of the hill) legendaries such as Mewtwo, Rayquaza or Arceus, do not. 4. The only rival worth re-fighting is probably Red (or Ho-oh lol), since he gives a lot of money and BP, but you cannot re-battle him every day and he's pretty tough (and you need to complete OT pokedex to even access him...) 5. Yeah, if the pokemon is not your OT, it receives slightly more experience in battle. 6. It's totally fine πŸ™‚ I would've gotten banned like 600 times if that was a problem.
  11. If you're a bit into the storyline, you can also use the ferry in Slateport.
  12. Indeed, you are correct- in order to access Islands 4-7, you need to beat E4 and Champion. Afterwards, talk to Celio- he will send you on a quest to obtain Sapphire, which is located in Mt. Ember cave, where 2 rockets are talking with each other. This is all done in Kanto. You can use this guide, it's one of the best guides the forums have to offer and it will take you by hand, allowing you to collect hidden items and complete the storyline post-e4.
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