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  1. Summrs

    Pokemon Movie

    Yea it looks decent.
  2. I really wish I had the time and motivation to play this game like I used to. I really miss the prebreeding days :/
  3. I hate when you're having a smoke sesh with the homies and not everyone matches. If you're not matching you're not hitting, unless you're a cute af female.
  4. Buying a jolly 20-31 speed aerodactyl from a noob for a level 100 pokemon and it turning out to be 31 speed. (Before breeding was a thing and before pokemon told you their IVs without a calculator).
  5. Life orb and a premier ball. (Not srs)
  6. Nope. I beat it with 4 random Pokémon.
  7. They most likely removed premier balls to make them a luxuary item that can only be obtained from players that had received them previously. Luxuary items are great for an economy because it gives the players more influence on the price of an item. I believeyou could previously receive premier balls from mystery boxes in the casino but I’m not 100% sure.
  8. Yes, absol are absolutely farmabale. ;)
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