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  1. I respect the amount of time and effort that went into this. I also did the same for lapras in the safari zone if you wanna check it out:
  2. 200k encounters in 46 days is 4,347 encounters a day everyday. You claim to have done x3 hordes for 150k of your encounters which with excellent optimization is 720 encounters an hour. For those 150k x3 horde encounters you spent about 208.3 hours if you were optimal. I'll assume the other 50k encounter were 5x hordes which is about 1200 encounters an hour with excellent optimization which is equal to 41.6 hours. So you played without breaks for 250 hours in 46 days. Which means you were non stop shiny hunting for 5.43 hours a day everyday for 46 days assuming you did the other 50k encounters at 5x hordes. Are you sure youre 200k deep? Or are you playing on average over 5 hours a day everyday?
  3. Thank you for hosting a seasonal, these are super hype tournaments.
  4. I was just about to evolve my shiny vulpix, but then I watched this video. Thanks for saving my life!
  5. 4 shinnies in 5 days, this is getting weird.
  6. On a lil streak here with these shinnies this week.
  7. Are you asking for a whole new ladder tier that just includes item clause? Did you think about what this suggestion before suggesting it?
  8. If his encounter count identifies as 310k, who are you to question its identity?
  9. 1,595 expert lures and probably 10k leppas later...
  10. whats your name in game?
  11. Id estimate it took me 28-32 hours to do 1k, frick no im recording doing 10k!
  12. So after finishing my 1,000 lapras encounters my data says that you get 3.3 lapras enoucnters per expert lure. So in order to get 27,000 lapras encounters you would need to use about 8,175 expert lures. I would have loved to get the encounter rate data but unfortunately this game still has not added a simple encounter counter. I was also able to confirm that using only balls that it is about a 28-29% encounter rate to catch lapras. Below is the formulas I used for my data table incase someone was wondering where I got my calculations from:
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